Confusing Things Girlfriends Say

Confusing girls

Confusing girls – There is a difference between what your girl says and what she actually means. She has a mind of her own and expects you to read it right even when she sends confused signals.

It blows fuse with most of the guys, but obviously. Girls are moody AF and at one moment she will make you feel special, in the next moment itself, they will drive your confidence in shambles by showing you her tantrums. Girls don’t mean what they say always and don’t say what they mean, wait! we are confused here too. But probably you can relate with these pointers too if you have a girlfriend, Confusing girls, who always says confusing things like all other girlfriends in the world:

Confusing girls –

What they say: ‘I am not hungry now’

What the mean: ‘ So what if I am not hungry right now? I would not say ‘No’ to food. I just don’t want to seem like a pitcher-bellied pig, you start, I will perhaps join’

What they say: ‘It’s fine’

What they mean: “I would appreciate a long conversation on this focusing on your errors. Obviously, when I will win the argument, you can get the fuck out of here”

What they say: ‘I just want a guy who makes me laugh’

What they mean: “I would like to have a hot guy by my side who is financially stable too and it would be an added advantage if he is able to make me laugh”

What they say: ” I like him but…”

What they actually mean: ” I don’t like him duh!”

What they say: ” Sorry, I am PMSing”

What they actually mean: “Sorry I don’t quite like you and idea of you being a creepy stalker. So, I am using my periods as an excuse to snap at you without feeling bad”

What they say: ” He is nice”

What they actually mean: ” I am on the both side of the barricade about my feelings for him. I both like and don’t like him. So please stay tuned for updates.”

What they say: “I have nothing to wear”

What they actually mean: “I have so many fucking things to wear that I am overwhelmingly confused”

What they say: “I am obsessed with my best friend”

What they actually mean: “I am literally obsessed with my best friend”

What they say: ” We decided to end it mutually”

What they actually mean: “He left me because I was acting creepy and that blew out of proportion”

What they say: “Ugh! what a creep”

What they actually mean: ” Well, he is a little clingy but I would not have even spared him a single thought if I didn’t like him one bit. I like a few ways he rolls hence I find him attractive in more ways than one barring he is creepy. Breathe!”

These are what Confusing girls say –  Girls sound really confusing because they have convoluted circuits in their brains, we presume.

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