8 Cases of Police Brutality in India That Will Change Your Perception

There are instances when undue violence has been administered over the common masses by the Police as directed by the incumbent government thus setting example for police brutality in the Nation’s history.

These are the instances of Police Brutality that really shook us out of our reverie. Also, there are instances where the law enforcers have violated the law and the human rights alike.

Police brutality against the common masses is the predominant scenario in the World and here are some instances that left a mark in the Indian history.

1. Jalianwala Bagh Massacre:

It is also known as the Amritsar massacre where police killed hundreds of people by opening fire. The British Indian Army under the command of Colonel Reginald Dyer hurled bullets into the crowd of Baishakhi pilgrims. There was a majority of Sikhs who have assembled to take part in the Basishakhi celebrations. This incident happened in 13th April, 1919.

2. Babu Ghenu Said killing:

Babu Ghenu Said, who was an active participant in the protests of Bombay cotton mill, was crushed by a truck in order of police. This protest was organised by Indian independence activists against the import of foreign made cloth. His death, which occurred in 12 December, 1930, sparked quite the furor.

3. Manya Surve Killing:

Manya Surve, a gangster who scored 78% from Kriti College, was killed unreasonably by the cops without giving him proper chance to surrender. Police brutally fired 25 bullets in his chest but he still kept alive by his willpower for one hour. This incident happened on 11th January, 1982.

4. Rampura Tiraha firing:

Police opened fire in the unarmed Uttrakhand activists at Rampur Tiraha in UP’s Muzaffarnagar district on 1-2 October during the night. Their claim was for a separate state of Uttarakhand and they were on their way to Delhi to stage a Dharna at Raj Ghat on Gandhi Jayanti. This indiscriminate police firing claimed six lives along with some women being allegedly raped.

5. Koothuparamba Firing:

In the district of Kerala, the firing took place after the inauguration of the co-operative Urban Bank’s evening branch. There DYFI protested against Communist Marxist Party leader and Kerala’s minister M.V Raghavan. The police cited protection of the minister and private property as the reason of opening fire.

6. Muthanga incident:

It was an incident of brutal police action against the adivasis who gathered to attend the Adivasi Gothra Mahasabha (ADMS) to protest Kerala Government’s leniency in allotting them the lands. It happened in the year 1999 which claimed 17 lives in Thirunelveli, Tamil Nadu.

7. Manojlai lauborer’s massacre:

It was administered on the agitated tea-estate workers to silence them. It claimed 17 lives in Thirunelveli, Tamil Nadu.

8. Nandigram Massacre:

It happened in Nandigram, West Bengal, India following a failed project by the Government of West Bengal under the then Communist rule to acquire land for SEZ (Special Economic Zone). At least 14 people lost their lives in the police insurgency in the region. This incident prompted the opponents adapt the warcry Ma Mati Manush for the coming elections.

These instances of Police brutality left us appalled to bits.


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