Shocking! Pakistani Fan Sings Indian National Anthem…

Pakistani fan

As we all know that there are lots of controversies about the cricket matches between India and Pakistan, but recently a Pakistani fan showed something that inspired the people of these two countries with a good spirit and pure thoughts.

Recently, a video on social media is becoming viral, which is not only liked by Indians but also by Pakistanis.

Let us tell you that during the recent Pakistan-Indian cricket match, a video is being spread on Facebook, which everyone is liking.

Pakistani fan

Well! be its national border, cricket ground or social media, we all know that there is a huge controversy between India and Pakistan. If Pakistan and India are known for something, it is their cruel past, never-ending grudges and fanatic hostility. But it is surprising that in such a long time Pakistan has never seen India with peace and love but today we are going to tell you the strangest story of a Pakistani, who doesn’t only promote peace but also sing the Indian National Anthem: Jan Gan Man. We are not saying that this single person has fixed everything but at least tried to lessen the animosity between these countries.

Pakistani fan

In the recent Pakistan-Indian cricket match of Asian Cup, when the Indians were praying for India to win and Pakistanis were praying for them to win, a random Pakistani fan stole the show. Yes, after the match this Pakistani fan has become viral on social media because this person was caught singing Indian National Anthem. Despite being a citizen of Pakistan, he sang the National Anthem of India and this is not it, he also made his video while doing so and put it on social media. This is a lesson for the politicians of both India and Pakistan that a young boy is wearing a Pakistani flag but singing Indian National Anthem. This shows that its not the people who are bad, its just the cheap political moves of Pakistan that support terrorism.

Pakistani fan

If you have not seen this person yet, let us tell you that this young man’s name is Adil Taj, Adil said, “When the Pakistani National Anthem was played in the stadium, all the Hindustani people stood and paid proper attention to it. So when Indian National Anthem was played I decided to respect it, I felt really good, I loved listening to Indian National Anthem.” Adil further said that he had seen Shahrukh Khan’s film Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum from where he learnt the lyrics of Indian National Anthem. Also,  her niece is studying in an Indian school in Dubai, she once made him learn the lyrics of Indian National Anthem.

And the best part is that neither Pakistanis nor Indians criticized Adil for doing this, everyone praised him for his noble act.

Friends, even today, there may be hostility between India and Pakistan, but let us tell you that this hostility has been created by the governments, across the border, there are many people like us who want this hatred between India and Pakistan to come to an end soon.

This video of Adil soon became viral by Facebook. You can also watch the video below:

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