Foods That Cause Gas In Your Stomach ! Do You Eat Any Of These?

Foods that cause gas

Foods that cause gas – Digestive problems can be the most embarrassing matter especially when you are out in public.

Most difficult thing to do is often associated with passing the gas ie, farting it’s embarrassing and awkward also. The feeling of bloating or burping could make us feel uncomfortable. Gas is the most common thing but can be a serious problem if continued for a longer period of time.

It can give rise to some most dangerous health issues, so treat your gas issues.

We might try out numerous methods but better to take precautions than regretting later. 

Here are foods that cause gas

Starchy substance: –

Your dear bread rice or pasta could be the real reason as these foods are absorbed by the small intestine and do break into sugar very easily. Starchy substances easily enter into the large intestine and bring out gas producing bacteria.

Cauliflower: –

Though being one of the options to reduce weight. Cauliflower does a high amount of sulphur compounds which can get easily diluted in the large intestine. If cauliflower is consumed in large number then you may get bad smelling gas. Flatulence caused due to it be could hamper your digestion.

Whole grains:-

Again whole grains are an excellent option for weight loss but the problem could arise if consumed in large number. If eaten in excess then they do possess a good amount of fiber which could be very difficult to digest by the small intestine.

Carbonated drinks:-

Though we might have heard a lot about them but the truth of the matter is we might be lured with its appearance during events or parties. They do look good in the appearance and can easily tempt us but the bitter truth is that they have high amount fructose and lot of carbonation which can easily cause irritability to our stomach lining.

Onions: –

The presence of fructose in the onions can be a lead factor in the contribution of causing the gas bacteria.

Processed foods: –

The fusion and presence of lactose and fructose could give us severe digestive problems as the both the substance can increase the gas. Mainly the processed snack foods are harmful to every age group.

These Foods that cause gas – Say no to these harmful foods and lead a healthy lifestyle, if you can’t resist eating in moderate quantities once or twice a week to prevent gas!

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