Meet The Woman Who Dodged Her Rape Just By Using Presence Of Mind

Dodged her rape

Dodged her rape – This is an incident which happened about a few months back in Delhi’s Punjabi Bagh area at around 11 p.m. during the winter season.

There was a girl who went to buy some household material from a shop which was a bit away from her house.

As she was coming back she decided to take a short-cut from another lane so that she could get home early and safe but unluckily there were two drunk men who started following her and somehow got hold of her. The two men obviously had the clear intensions of raping her but instead of shouting; crying and screaming she decided to handle the situation other way round. She instead stood still and started laughing in a scary voice, just like the ones we hear in Indian horror movies as the frightening female ghost is about to make an entry.

The two men got really puzzled with her reaction and left their grip a bit loose on her. She didn’t try to run away from the spot rather she started laughing louder. She twisted her eyes and with a wide grin kept repeating that “I was waiting for someone to feed on and finally you’re here”. One of the men got really scared and ran away from there but the other one was quite stubborn. To prove that she was actually possessed by a negative spirit the girl held his hand tightly and scratched it with her nails. The scratch was so hard that his skin started bleeding.

On seeing the blood she widened her grin ever more and twisted her eyes again. She took his hand and rubbed the blood on her cheek, she continued laughing like a witch. The man got really frightened and wanted to run away from there, but she wasn’t ready to leave his hand.

The man somehow got rid of her grip and ran as fast as he could with all the stamina, power and speed that he had. The girl continued to laugh till the second man went out of her sight. As she saw him disappearing in the fog, she ran back home and explained the entire incident to her parents who were more than thankful to god as their daughter acted really smartly at a scary situation like that.

She later told the incident to her best-friend who through a Facebook post narrated the whole incident proudly to the entire world how she dodged her rape.

People shared the incident like wild-fire in a jungle. Though the identity of the girl is hidden we are proud that we have women like this in India who can handle any situation only by the mere use of presence of mind.

This was the way she dodged her rape – This woman is definitely a motivation and an inspiration for most of us. We thank her whole-heartily and pray that this brave story of hers reaches every woman of the World.

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