Rishi Kapoor’s Appeal To Pakistani Players “IPL Special”

pakistani players in ipl

To include pakistani players in ipl – The veteran actor ‘Rishi Kapoor’ who was once popular for his acting is nowadays in the news for his twitter trolls.

He always keeps himself in headlines for making weird comments and at times, he nails it like a boss. His outspoken attitude always makes news and you have to give it to his guts. And as Indian Premier League has opened its platform, Rishi Kapoor, made an appeal to include Pakistani players in IPL through his tweet.

As per reports, Afghanistan let its players be a part of IPL, for the first time. And two Afghanistan players made their debut in IPL. But post Uri attack, Pakistani’s are banned from working in India.

Here through one of the most powerful social platform, Rishi Kapoor pleas to include pakistani players in IPL. He tweeted, “IPL. You got world players. My plea is please consider Pakistani players. Phir match hoga! Hum bade log hain. Please!.”

Supporting his own statement, he cited the example of Afghanistan and suggested the organizers of IPL to let the Pakistani players play in IPL. However, Pakistani players are banned from the third season of IPL. I think even Rishi Kapoor knew that he will be receiving a lot of flak for this tweet, it’s good that he went ahead with it regardless of any consequences.

This tweet highlights pakistani players in IPL –  the grudges between India and Pakistan. Though, Rishi Kapoor’s suggestion can be a great initiative to improve relations between the countries.

However, there are many who have voiced against his tweet. Be that as it may, we know that Rishi Kapoor doesn’t pay heed to trolls and he is pretty adamant about what he tweeted. Only if the rest of the country could be as sane as him when it comes to India-Pakistan issue.

After all, cricket is a gentleman’s game and supporting talent is the trait of a good gentleman.

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