After Checking These War Facts – Let Us Know Should India And Pakistan Go For War?

war facts

War Facts – After the Uri attack where our 18 soldiers died and when the Indian army conducted surgical strikes in Pakistan, all that we can see on our Facebook walls is ‘Go to war’, ‘Kill all of them’, ‘Take revenge’ and what not.

Now, my question to all those people screaming on social media about war is – ‘How much do you know about the consequences of war?’

It’s not a cake walk where you can just walk in and come out glorious without losing anything.

A war has higher consequences than what we all can think of and the statistics of previous wars – war facts – are a proof for it.

Check these war facts and tell me, is war an option for us?

1 – Do you remember the Indo-Pak war of 1947? If yes, then do you have any idea that around 1500 people were killed in that war and the casualties were more than 14,000. I am sure that all those who are demanding a war have no respect to the lives that we have lost in those wars, huh?

2 – Another war was held between India and Pakistan for 17 days in the year 1965. That led to the martyr count of 3000 soldiers and thousands of casualties in both the countries. After World War II, it was called the largest tank battle that happened. Just when the war ended and thousands of families lost their loved ones, people were celebrating Diwali with much joy.

3 – In 1971, when Indo-Pak war happened again, it killed more than 9000 soldiers. It was gruesome and thousands of lives were destroyed on both the sides. Was that anywhere worth it?

4 – Now comes the most famous of all – The Kargil War. It killed 527 people and thousands of people were wounded in both the countries. Comparatively, it may sound like a small number but those who suffered the loss, know how difficult it was.

If these war facts are not enough for you to understand then you really need to know what’s happening in Syria.

That Palestinian conflict is going on for so long and the people of Syria have forgotten how it is to lead a normal life. Tackling bombs every day is all they feel is normal in their lives.

These are the real war facts – Now, are you ready to deal with it?

If not you, do you think our country or any other country deserves what is happening with the poor children in Syria?

Then why are we so crazy for wars? Why?

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