10 Known Facts About Yamuna River That Is Still Unknown

Yamuna River

What if anybody asks you about the rivers of India? One of the sacred rivers from Ganga, Gomati, Brahmaputra you will definitely mention the Yamuna River.

Apart from increasing the serenity of Taj Mahal few more features of Yamuna River are:

•    Sacred river

The Yamuna is the sacred river, where rituals are carried out by millions of people in the ghat of different states through which the river passes. The name of this river is mentioned in sacred Hindu books and the rituals and beliefs on this rivers are since ages.

Yamuna River

•    The Yamuna rises from the great Himalayas.

The rise of Yamuna river is from the great Himalayas, it is one of the longest rivers of the country, emerging from the glacier known as  Yamunotri that has a height of 6,387m that travel through Uttarakhand to Allahabad, where the Kumbhmela is held after every 12 years.

•    Hot water

Did you know that Yamuna river also drains hot water, the temperature of the water is so high that if you can make a cup of tea from it. Yamuna River forms a hot water pool, several come and visit this place as one of the sacred rivers of India.

•    The Yamuna at Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is famous for the originating river Yamuna from the Glacier situated at Kalind Parbat. The idol of Goddess Yamuna is established in the Yamunotri town in the form of black marble. Did you hear about the Chota Char Dham yatra, it is one of the holy worships in Hinduism held in Uttarakhand, then it flows through Haryana, New Delhi and Uttar Pradesh.

•    Conservative zone

Due to the increase in pollution government has taken steps to conserve the river which is introduced as the “conservative one”. Yamuna action plan was introduced by the Government of India to save the river, started in 1993 by the National River Conservation Directorate, Ministry of Environment and Forests. Japan Bank for International cooperation also works on YAP excluding about 6 towns of Haryana as directed by the Supreme court, India.

•    Causes of pollution

Delhi is the highest polluted zone in India above the dispose of waste products from the factories and human waste has made the river highly polluted. Though all the river waters are polluted the Yamuna river is turning to become the most polluted among rivers, which also does not divert to the sea water.

Dense settling of the population near the river apart from the industrial belts has almost ended the aquatic life which is also alarming, so a stretch of 52 km of Delhi and Uttar Pradesh as the conservative zone.

Yamuna River

•    Barrages

Few of the barrages are:

Tajewala Barrage managed by the Haryana Government.

Okhla Barrage maintained by the government of Uttar Pradesh

Palla Barrage maintained by the Haryana Government.

  • Canals

Few canals for irrigation on the eastern canals are

Eastern Yamuna commences from the Daktapur barrage and stops at Asan the Hathnikund barrage, it is now replaced by the Tajewala barrage.

Yamuna River

  • Western Yamuna

Munak canal originated from Munak that bring about more 680 cusecs of water to one of Delhi other branches are Sirsa branch, Jind branch famous Rohtak branch and Bhiwani branch.

Strong rituals beliefs of this river have put this sacred river in danger, which is necessary to be understood to improve so that it remains immortal forever and our upcoming generation does not find it as history.


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