Sunny Leone, The Godly Woman Who Is Doing Public Service, Is In Big Trouble Now!

Sunny leone

The Goddess Sunny Leone is in trouble!

Just to think so!

This is for all those men who would love to take a “SAVIOUR AVATAAR” for their darling bedroom diva!

After all, Sunny has done the “Man” kind some huge favours! Have given some forbidden pleasures!

Have saved the lives by giving those much needed releases to do away the stress! Have saved the marriages by presenting herself as the “Restaurant meal” to all those who get sick of “ghar ki daal” every now and then, she prevented them from falling into the rut of extramarital affairs!

Now, it’s payback time guys! Let’s just wear the armour and get down to real business!

Let us save the lady of the trouble!

What is the trouble?

Well, A police FIR has been filed against Sunny Leone after a woman from Dombivli complained that the adult film-turned-Bollywood actor is “promoting obscenity and destroying Indian culture and society with her website”. The Thane police say no action in the case will be taken as of now. They say the website cannot be blocked either

The absolutely stupid, obnoxiously out of her mind complainant, Anjali Palan, who reportedly works with the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, alleged that upon learning that “Leone promotes obscenity in society through her porn videos”, she visited the website, sunnyleone.com, and indeed found pornographic content.

She should have probably checked the google description of the site first!

This moronic woman has sought action, not only against Leone, but also against all those who uploaded her videos on the site. Thus, Leone and unnamed persons have been booked by the Thane police at the Ramnagar police station in Dombivli (East). Senior inspector Sunil Shivarkar said the police registered the FIR as after getting the complaint, “we went through the website and found that the content was objectionable”.

The charges are the IPC’s sections 292 (obscene and indecent advertisement and display), 292A (printing of grossly indecent or scurrilous matter) and 294 (performing obscene act in public place), the IT Act’s section 67 (publishing or transmitting obscene material in electronic form), and the Indecent Representation of Women Act’s section 3 (prohibition of advertisements containing indecent representation of women) and 4 (prohibition of publication or sending by post indecent representation of women). The maximum punishment—imprisonment up to five years or fine up to Rs 10 lakh or both—is under the IT Act’s section 67.

“No immediate action will be taken (of course, how can they) in the case as first the Thane police’s cyber cell will look into who is handling the website and other legal matters,” said joint commissioner of police VV Laxminarayana, Thane. “We have shifted the case from the local police to the cyber cell, who will investigate the matter.”

Senior police inspector JK Sawant (does he watch Sunny videos, just wondering) from the cell said, “We are trying to contact the website’s operator to get relevant details. We cannot block the website (dare you do that!!) but will ask the operator to remove objectionable content.”

Leone’s husband Daniel Weber, who owns a production house, said he learnt of the case online. “People can file whatever they want. If there is a case, our attorney will deal with it.” (smart ass he is, right?)

Now, we immediately need to start a morcha against this woman and the so called samiti she belongs to! How dare they file a complaint against a GODLY WOMAN INVOLVED IN SELFLESS PUBLIC SERVICE?

Can’t they see that she brings so much peace and harmony in the society?

Can’t they see that she is doing nothing but promoting love, be it man to woman or woman to woman!! After all, man and woman are nothing but humans, right?

Get set guys, it’s payback time for all of us.

Let’s save the GODESS SUNNY LEONE!

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