Forbidden Destinations Around The World!

Forbidden destinations

Forbidden destinations – This world is full of wonders, some will keep you spellbound somewill let your jaws dropped and some will send chills to your spine. Yet it is beautiful to witness if not tasted. Here we have a list of five such places around the world which will keep you mesmerized by its scintillating beauty but are actually forbidden for the civilization.

For various reasons, these places have been banned from human interception, some because of life risk a person may encounter, and some places are the secret-keepers.

One may have a bird-eye view of these places from air or in the google maps to know these places but should not dare to experience. Here we go with five forbidden places around the world:

Forbidden destinations –

Sentinel Island, India

Forbidden destinations

This island in the Bay of Bengal in inhibited by a tribe, Sentinelese which is considered to be there since 60,000years and is the last community of the world which has remained untouched. They are totally isolated from the outer civilization and in no way interested in doing so. It is said that two fishermen in 2006, drifted towards the shallows of this island, the tribes killed that pair. Other reports of the tribe shooting at the passing helicopters, forced the Indian government to declare it forbidden for the world. It is considered that these people of the island are free from various diseases, which the others have built resistance to. Contact with the world is death for them. So, they keep civilization at bay.

Tomb of the Qin Shi Huang, China

Forbidden destinations

The tomb of the Chinese king Qin Shi Huang, China’s first emperor was discovered by some farmers in 1974. Archeologists have excavated almost 2000 clay soldiers and expects 8000 more to be uncovered. The Chinese government has banned the main tomb with the body of the emperor from touching and further studies. It is done so in order to respect the king and out of fear of the heritage being damaged by the touch recent technology.

Snake Island, Brazil

Forbidden destinations

Ilha da QueimadaGranda, well known as the Snake Island of Brazil, which is almost 92miles from Sau Paulo. This island is the land of snakes, where one would find almost five snakes in every ten square feet. It is the nesting ground for one of the most poisonous snake of the world, the golden lancehead whose poison disintegrates the flesh of the beings in a single-bite. It’s better to stay off such slithery and poisonous reptiles and their places.

Heard Island, Australia

Forbidden destinations

One of the remote islands of the world, is between Madagascar and Antarctica. It is famous for its two active volcanoes, which is under the blanket of snow most of the time. Other than four types of penguins, seals and birds no one is allowed to step into this island. It is composed of limestone and debris as a result of experiencing years of volcanic eruptions occasionally.

Poveglia, Italy

Forbidden destinations

It is a small island between Venice and Lido in Italy. For centuries this island has been a dumping ground of the dead people. This island sheltered the victims of Bubonic plague in 14th century. In 19th it turned into an asylum for the mentally ill patients. It has been rumored that a cruel doctor performed his experiments on these patients. Now it is an abandoned island, haunted by the ghosts of the tormented souls, which once inhabited here. It is banned for locals and tourists. Now Poveglia comes under the famous haunted places of Italy.

These are forbidden destinations – There are many such places which are banned for common people owing to different reasons, some for saving the heritage sites, some for keeping the secret papers & documents and some for health hazards.

Some are kept away from the human touch, because of those places are occupied by human-alien hybrid (Dulce Base, New Mexico, US).

Forbidden destinations – No matter how far we reach, this world has its own wonders and fears, which declares that, ‘everything is not meant for the interest of mankind, some are better kept forbidden’.

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