6 Primitive Tribes In India

Primitive Tribes

Primitive Tribes – Earth has been a place for the living organisms since it beginning, various shreds of evidence are found that describes a number of species which are still present and are the cause of revolution.

Human is known to be civilized and urbanized with years and years of changes that took place from the primitive living, taking place today according to the requirement and convenience of these people.

Evolution-related to lifestyles that include their food habits, their mode of earning, their festivals and their cultures.

Still, you will find few tribes in India who are separated from the modern or urban living, oriented to the older or ancient lifestyle and have a strong ethic to live in the same manner no matter how much has an advanced mode of living.

The presence of the tribes known as “Adi” tribes brings in a privilege that our country and the states are able to maintain the culture of the Adi tribes or else it would have been found to an end long days before.

There are a number of Primitive Tribes all over the world but the few found in India are:

1 – Jarawas “The Primitive Tribes”

One of the Adi tribes in India located in the islands of the Andaman. The tribes are entirely isolated putting themselves away from the rural civilization either, though they are found to be diminishing day by day due to the effect of modern culture. Related to the modern food habits it might astonish us as they still hunt and survive through hunting wild pigs, monitor lizards.

Not through hunting guns, simply bows and arrows. Seafoods are their main part of foods including mollusks, turtles as they are the tribal in the islands so manage their foods from the sea. Apart from it fruits collected from the trees of the forests are added.

Population of the Jarawa Adi tribe has reduced to 270 approximately in regular contact with the tourists or outsiders, this is because of the hospitals and schools above all the Andaman Trunk Road, running throughout the dense forests as well as the islands of the isolated tribal people.

2 – Jangil

Rutland island located about 20 km from Port Blair and is a part of the Andaman and Nicobar island. The Jangil is also one more schedule tribe located in the one of the Rutland island, near the Bay of Bengal. They are the neighbours of the Jarawas also known as the Rutland Jarawa.

The language as per evidences it is found that there was a difference and was difficult to be understood compared to the Jarawas language which is of the minimum population today in 2018. In recent information from Dr.Vishvajit Pandya, issued on 19th February 2005 it was informed that the tribe must have been diminished and not seen as into the dense forest of the Rutland island.

Primitive Tribes

3 – Negrito

One of the most similar to the pygmies groups which include the Andaman people of the islands. This indigenous population is also found in the parts of Semang and Batek people of  Malaysia and 30 other Adi tribal groups in the Philippines. Negrito groups show that their features maybe the adaptation of the African origin.

The lifestyle and mode of living are hunting for animals including the kinds of seafood similar to the Jarawas. Fruits from the trees and plants from the forests. They are also one of the isolated ethnic groups though found in a wide range in many parts of the world. The tribes surviving in the Andaman islands are known as Andamanese Negrito people.

Studies on the genetics show that they have distinctive and primitive genes compared to the others and are colonized in the islands for more than 30 to 40 thousands of years.

4 – Sentinelese

Located in the northern sentinel Island is one more ethnic and indigenous schedule tribe group of the Andaman Islands. Agriculture is not yet the source of livelihood, like primitive lifestyle, they depend on fishing and hunting along with the forest fruits and plants used for eating.

Easily you can compare their lifestyle to the other isolated tribe who even survive today within the dense forest, huts made of bamboos canes or timbers. The weapons are similar to the primitive javelins with pointed head and long stands like including the bows and arrows. For fishing harpoons were used, similar to other primitive tribes they hunted pigs and other wild animals.

Kinds of seafood as living in the islands is a necessary and easily available food that includes turtles, sea fishes. Birds are also a good treat of food for the Sentinelese living in the islands of the northern sentinel Island.

Primitive Tribes

5 – Puroik

In the wide range of the Arunachal Pradesh, within the hilly ranges, you can find the tribal groups that are found in 40 to 50 villages, who speak Puroik language. The tribe population according to the census of 1990’s is recorded to be approximate of 12,000 extended from the Kurung Kumey to the par river Arunachal Pradesh.

The tribes are limited to the religion of Hinduism and Christianity. The livelihood is oriented to agriculture and hunting, as they are diverting from hunting to agriculture.

Primitive Tribes

6 – Bangru

The ethnic tribe that is present in between the border of the Arunachal Pradesh and China. The villages present in the region of Tibet mostly in China but a small population found in the region of the Arunachal Pradesh.

The mode of living for this tribe is agriculture and hunting but mostly in agriculture. The hunting of forest animals, birds as well as fish and vegetables are carried out, their economy is related to the cash flows such as caterpillar fungus.

These are Primitive Tribes – Such tribes are present in many parts of India but very few are known through most of them are found to diminish slowly along with the modern or advanced features and lifestyle of a human being. In the Andaman Islands, the primitive living of the isolated and unknown tribe still available through reducing or diminishing accordingly with the influence of the urban lifestyles and requirements. These tribes are found to survive till today since thousands of years excluding the Jangil tribe, extinct as no life found.

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