These Hilarious Pics Are Symbolic of People Who Can’t Open Up to Strangers


Strangers – Some people are really coy and snuggle up in their personal space when they are asked to meet new people, just like the snail slithers into its shell to escape the external threat.

Their zooming in your sight seems like Nazis approaching when you stand in a fretting corner like a vulnerable Jew. Also, you end up double exhausted after your morning commute sometimes by virtue of the gushing unsolicited attempts from strangers to befriend you and hollow out insights about your private life, worse, sometimes even asking for your phone number for WhatsApping.

That’s ugh-ish to some of us, really.

So here are some hilariously relatable pictures for you in case you too hate opening up to strangers:

You become a Cabbage:

The more they want to unfurl your mystery, the more you layer it up like a Cabbage until they finally give up on you.

You remind them of the nestling dolls:

We hope you haven’t forgotten about the nestling dolls that we used to play with in our childhood years? How a smaller version of each one lived in the belly of the bigger one? And it was always fun to do-undo them. Well you know, you too appear as same as a nestling doll to strangers? Obviously, who cares!

Draupadi’s vastraharan crosses their mind:

That scene though! Krishna supplying more yards to her saree when the evil Duryodhan is at work at the other side to get her unclothed before the court. While they want to ferret out more information from you, you act superficial while holding the ground firm no to open up.

You become a bobble head:

Whatever they say, you pretend to hear and just bobble your head so as to express affirmation. The more they question, they more bobbly your head becomes until they are scared out of their wits.

You show your Sanskaari chops instead:

Whenever there are Auntyjis and Mausajis in the house, and you are asked to meet their queries about your potential marriage, you give some SERIOUS Sanskari comebacks and do a lot of Namastey! They are well dealt with now, get into your shorts girl!

You worm walk until under the table:

Whoa! The doorbell rang, they are here already. Why not go into hiding? I am having cold sweat already, heart thumps like a railway engine- are the ideas that toss and turn in your mind and you finally settle under the table to escape eyeballs and stay there until they are finally left.

You want to walk outside in a Spider man costume:

Mom has given you something to fetch from the nearby store and you hate sharing greetings with the neighbours, what you do instead, put on that Spider Man costume, no matter if they find you strange, at least you are saved from poker-faced socializing. Hola! Peter Parker.

Strangers poking their nose in your business are really a pain in the wrong place. Why can’t they just give us a break!

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