Hrithik Roshan Is Going To Pay A Real Heavy Price For Peace: Rs. 400 Crores!

We talk about the divorce settlement of Hrithik Roshan. His wife Susanne Roshan has asked for Rs. 400 crore for parting ways which could be Bollywood’s costliest divorces!

Buying peace with your ‘Ex’ just got costlier!

Ask Hrithik Roshan who has just been bombed with an alimony demand that may sound disgustingly obnoxious for most of the mere mortals.

But then, Hrithik is no ordinary mortal!

Don’t we all keep calling him the one and only Greek God of India?

So, his ex-wife Susanne also comes in the special category of privileged human beings whose life and especially lifestyle, is pricier than most of the things our always-depreciating-rupee can ever buy!

We are talking about the divorce proceedings going on between superstar Hrithik Roshan and his estranged wife, Susanne Roshan. If reports are to be believed, Susanne has asked Hrithik to pay her a mind-boggling amount of Rs. 400 crore as alimony!

Okay, come on; stop counting the zeroes, guys!

Yeah, it is hell lot of money to last many a lifetimes for most of the average people of this country, but then there has never been any value attached to a common man, isn’t it?

It was not too long ago that Hrithik and Susanne were considered to be the ultimate love-birds with a perfect love-life transformed into awesome marital bliss. Then a bomb fell announcing their separation and finally divorce! There are rumors and gossips doing the round about what might have gone wrong in their heavenly abode, but no clear picture has emerged as yet. Amidst this speculation, there were some rays of hope when Hrithik was seen bonding with his in-laws at various festivals or both Hrithik and Susanne spending time with their two kids, Hrehaan and Hridaan. His fans had some hopes that these two might sort out the differences, but this alimony news will quash all such heartfelt desires.

This might shock the Bollywood fraternity as well.

Many other superstars might try to play safe and keep their marriages intact for the fear of this event playing out in their lives and may be with a higher price to pay. Good for star-wives we guess, they can expect their superstar husbands to be more grounded and more loyal to them now.

Hrithik was ecstatic with the feedback he received for the trailer of his next flick, Bang Bang!

May be, now his only wish would be that Bang Bang and every upcoming movie of his becomes a huge hit so he can afford this humongous amount of alimony!

As fans, we would still hope, a teeny-weeny hope that these two gorgeous people, get back again! Amen!

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