LOL: 5 Things Only Your Mother Can Do

Things only mother can do

Things only mother can do – We have known it all along. That our mothers are ninjas, who can do just about anything. From rolling their eyes in a certain way to get us to do stuff to putting our dads in place, mothers are a phenomenon.

We tell you five Things only mother can do. And do damn well. Read on!

Things only mother can do

1 – Find stuff that you had lost as a two-year-old:

Let’s face it. If you have lost something and your mother can’t find it, the thing probably doesn’t exist. From old scrapbooks to the colourful bib you lost as a two-year-old, your mommy dearest can unearth anything from anywhere. Don’t believe us? Try calling out to your mom from your room about not finding something. When she says, ‘If I come in there and find it, which I most certainly will…you are gone…’ RUN…run for your life!

2 – Be proud of you, no matter what:

So, you’re this underachiever (read: loser), who hasn’t done much other than giving your parents hell. But no matter what, your mother will always be proud of you. She will brag about you to other aunti-jis in the neighbourhood and call you god’s gift, whenever she can (which will be quite often, actually). This is one of the most endearing qualities she has that she has. If you want her to be really proud you, let her brag and indulge in these small joys of life.

3 – Make you eat green veggies:

Who other than your mother has the power to make you voluntarily eat veggies. That too the green ones? Not even your father, partner or offspring can make you do that. Your mom, with her perfect rolling of the eyes and voice modulation, can make you even eat healthy soups and baked items without so much as breaking a sweat. She knows exactly how and when to put the perfect pressure on you. Even if you’re in the middle of a meeting and your mother calls and asks you to eat your ‘dabba’. You goddamn eat your ‘dabba’. You don’t say no to her, do you? You can’t, dear. You just can’t.

4 – Make you call her back:

If you don’t see eight missed calls from her on a daily basis, your mom is definitely keeping unwell. Because she is only one who will constantly worry about you and chase you with a vengeance. If you don’t call her back, all the hell’s fury will be upon you. You know that, we know that. So, the best thing to do is call her back. ASAP. Not even the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with can make you call them back. Only your mom has that power. May be she is god…who knows!

5 – Call your bluff:

You can pretend anything to anybody, be whoever you claim to be. But your mother will always call your bluff. She knows. EVERY SINGLE THING. You just can’t lie, pretend or fool her. She is the original ninja queen of the world. You have to be doubly careful with this all-knowing, mind-reading wonder.

These are the Things only mother can do !

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