Watch Video: Not An Actress Or A Model, Priyanka Chopra Wanted To Be A Maid (Cleaning Lady!)

Priyanka Chopra Wanted To Be A Maid

Priyanka Chopra Wanted To Be A Maid 

I know that this is really surprising.

Like seriously, Priyanka Chopra once revealed that she never wanted to be a model. But, it was her luck that brought her into this business and now she’s ruling the Bollywood and Hollywood industry like a Queen.

From modelling to acting to singing to producing movies, this girl is doing everything. She is literally unstoppable. We all know that she has achieved a lot in her LIFE and is making INDIA proud. Honestly, the way she is passionate towards her work is really inspiring.

Well, on the other end, Priyanka Chopra has kept many secrets.

Recently, I stumbled upon a video shared on her Instagram Fan Page “pcourheartbeat”, and in that video, she revealed a lot about herself.

From her First Job to The First Thing She Wanted To Be, she revealed everything. As I was watching the video, I was surprised when she said “I wanted to be MAID when I grew up”.

Actually, you know what, we all have this kinda things. I mean, when we are growing up, we think “ok, when I grow up, I’ll be doctor, teacher etc”.

It seems that the same thing happened with her when she was growing up.

PeeCee went on to explain how she still cleans her room and she loves broom and cleaning etc. And the part where she said “I loved cleaning so much that my mother got worried that would be my ambition” is actually funny (the way she said it is) That was just one thing, check out her other answers and enjoy the video.

I’m pretty sure that you’ll love the video.

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This was all about “Priyanka Chopra Wanted To Be A Maid” secret. 

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