These Are The Different Kinds of Handshakes of Donald Trump

Handshakes of Donald Trump

Handshakes of Donald Trump – The US President is keeping in the talking point for sometime amid the ensuing trade war with China where the two superpowers muscle-flexing at each other.

No wonder, as a result of America and China being in loggerheads, we too are facing the brunt because the Indian economy too is being adversely affected.

Donald Trump has given many media bytes that stuck out from because of their abrasive approach but not always President Trump is as abrasive, he is very warm in his way of greeting people too. In his ongoing presidential tenure, he has engaged in many types of handshakes, yes, mind you, not one but many. He has to meet and greet with world leaders as per the protocol and to boost the bilateral ties where he kept his personal touch by showing us different ways to shake hands.

Here are some examples – handshakes of Donald Trump :

When he shook hands with President Emmanuel Macron:

When he met the French President Emmanuel Macron, in White House on April 23, 2018, their first handshake caused quite a stir in the media as they titled it as iron’s grip which hinted at the seeming power play. Some news papers have also termed the handshake as ‘Robust’.

The surprising handshake:

Enmity can bite dust with a mere handshake and Donald Trump surely knows that. He, for starters met the sworn enemy Kim Jong Un, the infamous North Korean leader with whom America has been chalk and cheese and shook hands. Donald Trump further dropped bomb saying he is really looking forward to smoothen the topsy-turvy relationship between America and North Korea.

The ‘finally we met, sigh!’ handshake:

Donald Trump went an extra mile to strengthen the bilateral ties with the South Korean leader Moon-je Un too on April 30 during a meet with the President in the White House. This was a high-stakes meet which was held to decide whether or not they should go ahead with the much-vaunted summit of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

The ‘I can’t let you go’ handshake:

It looks like President Trump is so besotted to Macron that he can’t let go of his hand while they were walking down the west wing colonnade of White House on April, 2014. This is the kind of handshakes Donald Trump does with people who he truly hearts and no wonder that Macron falls in that category. The picture tell you loud and clear, especially you can figure out from the broad smile of Donald Trump is that how happy he is to receive Macron as his guest in White House.

Handshakes of Donald Trump – These pictures are tell-tale signs that Donald Trump is a friends person and he really likes to make people feel at home with his warm welcome in White House. At least his different types of hearty handshakes stand proof to the fact.

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