Donald Trump’s History Proves Why He Can Be The Worst President In American History!

Donald Trump’s Awful History

Donald Trump’s Awful History”

On Tuesday, Donald Trump won U.S.2016 presidential election and the results left people in shock.

Trump winning the presidency was nothing less than a horror story.

People including big celebrities are still reacting and already assuming that America will now be in a complete danger. Some are even stating that “Donald Trump will be the WORST president in American history”.

The hatred war is on and Americans are claiming that the people who voted Trump did the biggest MISTAKE ever.

Well, we saw Donald’s public appearance and we know that he is in the top-chart to talk shit about Hollywood celebrities especially Beyonce, Katy Perry etc. Apart from that, we researched about his history and surprisingly (Not really!) we came to know that dang, “Trump can really be the TERRIBLE president”.

Donald Trump’s Awful History

Here’s Donald Trump’s Awful History according to Vox: –

  • He still claims that “he is the least racist person” which stands out to be completely wrong. Back in 1970’s, Trump appeared in the pages of New York Times, when the US Department of Justice sued him for racial discrimination. Since then, he has appeared in many pages for the same controversies.
  • In 1980’s, Kip Brown a former employee at Trump’s Castle, accused Trump’s businesses for discrimination.
  • In 1988, During Trump’s speech at Lehigh University- He accused Japan for stripping U.S. of economic dignity.
  • In 1989, in one of a controversial case- One Latino and four black teenagers were accused of raping a jogger in the New York City. Trump decided to take action and in local newspapers he demanded “Bring Back The Death Penalty”, “Bring Back Our Police”. The teens later spend 14 years in the prison and despite of their settlement Trump believed that they’re still guilty, in spite of the DNA evidence.
  • In 1991, a book by John O’Donnell stated how Trump accused a Black accountant for counting his money and later in an interview Trump confessed that it is indeed a quoted truth.
  • 2004, Trump literally fired Kevin Allen, a black contestant in “The Apprentice” only because he was over-educated.
  • In 2010- huge controversy took place over the “Ground Zero Mosque”- which was a proposal to build a Muslim Community, near 9/11 attacks. Trump didn’t support it and called the project as absolute “insensitive”. Later On The Late Show with David Letterman, he attacked Muslims by saying “Somebody’s doing a lot of bad stuff…”
  • In 2011- He spread a lot of rumours about Obama stating that he wasn’t born in U.S. and therefore he even sent his investigators to check Obama’s birth certificate.

He has done masters in racism for sure.

Apart from all this, during his presidential campaign – He has played a very BIG role in accusing women. Here are some of his worst sexual comments on women that prove he is totally terrible.

  • “If Hilary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband what makes her think she can satisfy America”?
  • Angelina Jolie has been with so many guys that she makes me look like a baby. And, I don’t even find her attractive.
  • “I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her”
  • Heidi Klum. Sadly, she’s no longer a 10”.
  • “I find women to be far more aggressive than men. In fact, many of the people that are in my company and that I hire are women. I find women to be far more aggressive and SEXUALLY, far more aggressive than men”.

He has done so much that literally he is a man who seems to be horrible and now that he has won the election- people are terrified.

What are your views about Donald Trump’s Awful History? Do you think he really deserves to be a president? Share your views in a comment below.

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