The Hilarious Ways How A Girl Shows Off Her Handsome Boyfriend To Her Friends

Girl shows off her handsome boyfriend

Girl shows off her handsome boyfriend – Singlehood is a rollercoaster ride but sometimes frustrating too, especially when you see your friends raving about their boyfriends and you are the odd one out in that discussion.

Of course, having a boyfriend changes your life by many means, you get a company for the prom night, to binge-watch Netflix series, to go hopping eateries and share your deepest secrets. But it becomes helluva sight when an average girl starts dating a dapper dude and the ways she starts showing him off to her girlfriends, oh boy!

There is a complete behavioural change one notices with her handsome boyfriend around and here are the ways she shows off:

Girl shows off her handsome boyfriend –

1. She goes overboard with PDA:

Her social media profile becomes flooded with pictures of them together holding hands, kissing, wearing colour co-ordinated clothes and going on holidays.

2. She becomes his round-the-clock security personnel:

Dare any other girl materializes her vicious intentions to divert his attention, she puts up all the security barriers around to keep him safe from ‘Bad’ influence.

3. She gets all niggered up:

Suddenly she adapts a transformative drive and decks up a lot to anchor her boyfriend’s interest. Girl? Isn’t all that bling a little overkill?

4. She brags a lot about him:

She grows a propensity to bring her boyfriend’s mention in every conversation, how wonderfully he does things and how pampering he is. So much so, that you end up having a crush on him. Dafuq!

5. She shares awkward details of her sex life:

You least expected this one coming but it did anyway. She explains how her boyfriend makes sex a joyride for her and focuses on rather personal details that make you cringe!

6. She suddenly becomes allergic to other boys:

Like she hung out with the Brocore Moshdogs lately, now that luck has been kind on her she starts seeing through other guys to impress her boyfriend.

7. She thrives on the ‘first kiss’ story:

The Mia Thermopolis in her stares into space and recalls the story of her first kiss when her feet popped up when she kissed him for the first time.

8. She has her knuckles on always (well, almost):

She makes sure nobody talks ill of her boyfriend and if otherwise, she makes sure to displace their Septum.

9. She builds castle in the air:

In a matter of two months of their courtship, she starts seeing a future with him and even decides the name for their future children. What’s more, sometimes the colour of their beach house.

10. Give her a reason for celebration:

She starts celebrating 6 months anniversary, 1 years anniversary and bombards you with pictures in your WhatsApp.

These are the ways Girl shows off her handsome boyfriend – Legit enough, who doesn’t want to show-off when they have the ‘nayaab-cheez’ in their possession?

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