7 Ways to Make Your Facebook and Instagram Life Less Stressful

Facebook and Instagram life

Facebook and Instagram life – Gone are the days of thriving around glitters and GIFs in Facebook and Myspace profile. It further just allowed us to put some song lyrics.

Now that the virtual world has expanded, it is the pandora’s box of all news, comedy, updates, and what not, no matter if it entails bouts of anxiety for you.

Instagram is, no offense, is the most noxious circle which keeps you glued with glittery haul of photos and likes. If looked at the brighter side, the race for likes readies our mind for competition, sharping and honing the skills.

Having said that, Social media will always be there blowing even fuller, so here are some tips you can manage your social media profiles like Facebook and Instagram life skilfully and still keep your mind free from the web of social media lust.

Facebook and Instagram life –

Turn off notifications in your smartphone:

One needs to turn off the social media posts that surface in the smartphone screen so as not to rush into their profiles whenever there is a new notification. It’s an addiction and to earn a breather from it, you can do two things. One, delete the apps or simply turn off the notifications.

Customize your newsfeed:

Water down things a bit. Make customized lists of family and friends so that you only get notifications from people you choose. You can also mute the unwanted lot and narrow down your social media feeds.

Keep social media at arm’s length whenever there is breaking news:

Social media doesn’t update you with breaking news, as we tend to think, it rather bombards you with exasperated opinions from people so your own gets influenced. There are information readily available across the e-versions of your preferred newspapers, so don’t lean on social media, resort to the archaic method of reading newspaper.

Tame down your curiosity:

It is human nature to be curious and social media bolsters that habit. Take for instance, if there is a terror attack or mass shooting, you get naturally drawn towards being disturbed and check social media handles for available photos thereby trading your night’s peaceful sleep for the momentary eagerness.

Resort to more humour accounts:

You can follow more meme accounts than baby or cooking videos because the latter two are more intriguing. You mind has a bearing point for humour but not for things that teach you or molten your heart like babies or pups do.

Fix a time limit for social media:

Bound yourself by a time limit, that is to say the time you spend in the social media handles. Even if you take part in the discussions, or chat, make sure you don’t stress yourself much. Well, maybe you should fix a time limit for your social media presence and stringently stick to that.

Stop making online friends:

Social media can wait, life can’t. What will people accomplish from the likes garnered from social media? After all, it is a bottomless abyss. So, indulge in your daily life more, better yourself and don’t make more online friends.

These are the ways you can manage your Facebook and Instagram life and curb your urge to spend time on social media so that you don’t get distracted by depression and anxiety.

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