Crazy Things People Do For Fitness Will Amaze You

For Fitness

For Fitness – Fitness enthusiasts leave no stone unturned to achieve the perfect figure or physique and we really marvel at how blindly they sign up for the arbitrary fashion standards.

To our great astonishments, the celebs get back to shape in a matter of months after giving birth and we totter around garnering sympathy on the saggy skin for years. It however, is infinity times harder to stay as dedicated towards fitness and you have to forgo many a habits and acquire the other many to stay motivated and fit. In a nutshell, you have to put your life through a sea change to look maintain the dream body.

In the time and age of body goals, people do these bizarre things For fitness , to keep in shape read on below:

For Fitness –

1 – They eat ice cubes:

This is a popular diet named the ice-cube diet among the celebrities at large who just consume the whole ice-cubes not only just to quench the thirst but to aid the weight loss. Ice cubes are said to boost the body metabolism in a jiffy thereby helping you lose weight. It is also said that chewing ice-cubes after a meal helps curb the calories.

2 – They swallow cotton balls:

This is a rather dangerous practice that could cause even death. But people go bonkers for losing weight and hence dip the cotton balls in juice then swallow it to subdue the hunger pangs. It keeps them feel fuller for a longer period of time and lose weight alongside.

3 – They do drugs:

Drug abuse is a common fad between celebrities to lose weight and stay in shape. It transports them to another universe mentally where they feel no hunger or snap ties with the mortal world. It is a kind of daze or psychedelia and a significant amount of time passes without them eating.

4 – They only eat meat for diet:

This is a high protein diet without carbohydrates. This helps you gain muscles faster than the other diets. But the mere imagination of surviving on only meat leaves us squeamish here. However, one who has lost his sanity completely over fitness could easily pull this off. This diet, hence is rightfully called the Carnivore diet.

5 – They drink juice with charcoal:

This is called the charcoal cleanse in which one has to drink juice mixed with activated charcoal routinely. It says that your body can’t absorb activated charcoal hence it runs through your digestive system unchanged. It is said to remove impurities, pesticides and unhealthy stuff that gather in your body from eating junk. It improves blood functioning, boosts digestion and accelerates the organ functioning.

6 – They eat baby food:

Ugh! But yes they do. It is believed that eating baby food promotes weight loss. One has to consume up to 16 jars of baby food per day rather than eating regular meals and snacks. You are just allowed to eat one regular meal per day. The calorie deficit that baby food creates help you lose your weight in lightning speed. This is ridiculous

Perhaps For Fitness people have largely been benefited by these diets so that they are popular but wait, these are totally no-brainer!

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