How Not To Seem Clingy To Your Boyfriend in A Relationship?

If you are in constant need of attention that means you have no life-goals and just want someone else to take lead of your life. Respect is something a woman has to earn and vying for attention all the time makes you appear shallow. Your desperation is suffocating for the boyfriend which equally hinders you from blossoming into the woman you are meant to be deep down. A relationship has to be fulfilling, enriching, securing and everything positive. If you feel insecure, lost or scarcity of attention that you have to fight for, there is something wrong with it.

So, here’s how you can stop being clingy and let silence do the emotional healing.

Ask yourself:


Sit in solitude and ask yourself why are you becoming gooey? What is it that bothers you or makes you insecure? Do you fear losing him? Do you fear you can’t get over the memories once he is gone? Do you think there is no other one like him in the whole wide world? Figure out why your precious life seems meaningless without your boyfriend first.

Give him a breather:

He may be in fear to be your only source of life. He has his vulnerabilities too. Why will he be the only one to fill your emotional needs? After all, you have your own life apart from him, your girl squad, your job, shopping etc that can make you feel alive.

Don’t disturb when he is working:

One needs to concentrate while working. Just place yourself in his shoes, would not it be annoying if he pestered you for attention while you are trying to concentrate in an important elsewhere? After all, encouraging each other to achieve better careers has to be the goal of your relationship.

Nurture your hobbies, passion and interests:

If like gardening and have been meaning to grow some seasonal plants in the backyard, go for it. Similarly, if you always wanted to start your fashion blog, just dig it. Remember, he may be lost in the labyrinth of time but your success will stay with you. It may sound mean, but it’s the way of life.

 Find security in yourself:


Because an independent person doesn’t live on the approval of others and a lioness doesn’t concern herself about what sheep think. Go for a makeover, pamper yourself, and remind yourself that you came in the world for a reason. One rule you must follow in life, that is take control of your life and lift others up, this is how people will come to you for emotional support and you will feel secure in yourself helping them out. Be the wise owl!

Don’t be available all the time:

Secure this wisdom with your life. People who you give importance to will never understand you are not FREE, you make yourself AVAILABLE just to see them smile and eventually they take you for granted. Make them miss you to know your true worth.

Don’t get physically intimate all the time:

I know you desperately want to, but getting physically intimate all the time takes away the passion. You don’t have to touch someone to make them love you, it’s not the kiss, it’s about the times you don’t kiss.

Give them their own sweet time:

When your boyfriend is in a bad mood, give their own time to become normal again. Your counsel may not be something that he wanted right then so wait patiently until he comes back to talking term.

Don’t always die for their opinion:

Of course asking opinion from someone makes them feel important and loved but making your life revolve around their opinion is not the way to perpetuate a relationship for long.

Stop trying to control him:

This one applies to your life also. Don’t let him control your life. Even if you are in a relationship, try to envision your life without any boyfriend, understand the self-worth, build yourself, stay glamorous!

These are the ways you can right away stop being clingy and demanding.

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