8 Funny Things Common To Every Facebook User

Facebook user

Facebook user – With over 1.35 billion monthly active users as on date, this portal is a big rage for people of all ages.

This website is an addiction and checking it is an important daily chore for its users!

We bring 8 funny things which are common to almost all Facebook users!

Facebook user –

1)  Facebook Notifications:

The most fascinating thing for a Facebook user is the notification! The heart skips a beat when they see them and they would feel restless till they don’t check all of them.

2)  Keeping a Count of the Likes:

Posting a photograph is easy, but waiting for the ‘likes’ on the post is challenging. After an upload, most users keep checking their page to see who has ‘liked’ their picture and who are yet to do it!

3)  Friend List on Facebook:

A person’s popularity is judged by the friend list on Facebook. You may not know every person on your friend’s list, but adding more and more people is imperative to maintain the ‘social status’!

4)  Posing for Facebook:

Most users would have not clicked so many photographs earlier, but after joining Facebook it is all about posing, posting, counting likes, and then repeating the process!

5)  Facebook App:

Having a Smartphone and not having a Facebook app is next to impossible! In fact, this app is usually the first app that most users download when they buy a new phone!

6)  Meeting a Non-Facebook User:

A Facebook user takes it for granted that every person he or she meets has an account on the portal. Meeting someone who does not have one, is weird and they react as if they have met an alien!

7)  Feeding Daily Info:

Feeding in everything that you do daily is a crucial task. Right from the restaurant you visit to the movie you are watching and from your dinner menu to the city you are flying to – everything is recorded on this page just like a task diary in school!

8)  Re-posting Your Own Post:

Not happy with the likes and comments of your post? The best way to highlight it is by re-posting it or liking it yourself or commenting on it! You are sure to attract attention of all those who missed it earlier!

Facebook is more like a ‘colorful’ pretentious daily diary for most people. We are not against sharing of emotions, achievements, holiday pictures, and more. But, the website has many other features and we suggest that users use the portal for more productive tasks. This website is a great platform for business promotion, spreading awareness, and sharing some useful information with other users.

Make use of these features of Facebook and make it a more constructive and informative portal!

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