5 Beauty Lessons to Remember for a Lifetime

Remember these for life whether you are a beauty pro or a newbie…

You have been following the beauty rituals and mugging up magazines for your regular dose of the latest makeup trends.  While you may be well aware of what’s happening on the beauty block, here are the five most important lessons to remember for a lifetime. Even if you happen to be a newbie to the world of beauty and style, these points will come in handy and save you from making faux pas.


  1. There are more shades of red than one. Have atleast three in your kitty.eyelashes
  2. Glamorous eyelashes are enough to make heads turn your way.sonakshi-sinha-newsyaps-1243
  3. A simple hairstyle can look much prettier than a complicated one.lipses1111111
  4. If you want your lips to look luscious, you needn’t go any further than a gloss.Katrina_Kaif_without_makeup_in_2013_images_-91779
  5. Give yourself a break sometimes.

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