“Why Do We Take Drugs?” Teenage Confession


Why do we take drugs? A little before our parents understand that we are grown enough to roam around and hang out with friends, alone, we are already indulged in illegal activities.

Though it never starts with  a big step, which is probable the high dose LSDs and injections but things like alcohol and tobacco. “It’s fun, our friends say and we out of excitement try them. We try them for once, and to be honest the first experience is never smooth or great, so to achieve the level which is appreciated by the stoned person of the group, we keep on trying it, and reach on the merge of addiction.

But again the question arises, why we take drugs, because:

Because it’s fun, we think!         

We think it’s fun, reaching to the state of nothingness. We think it’s cool to be high and see the world through the eyes which can’t be open otherwise. Out of this curiosity we start and eventually adapt it as a part of daily life. We so easily accept it knowing the fact it’s detrimental.


Because it is relaxing, we think!    

We think we are stressed enough, though we are indeed, so to get rid of it we hit on drugs. It’s relaxing and at least for a period of time, it makes living easy. Scientifically, it releases dopamine, and rush of adrenaline. Indubitably, lethal when done artificially.


It’s gives you super power:      

It can make you do great things. You can do what you like to do without any fatigue. You can stretch yourself a little more, do things which were then out of your capacity and capability. Yes, no doubt you can do alot of things smoothly yet the after effects are again lethal, but who care? We should!


It’s in the trend:  

Yes, it’s in the trend. But you should also know trend in the present scenario isn’t something good but something absurd. So if you want attention, to be famous and someone in demand you need to have something special in you, ironically you can get it easy with some green organic stuff, who has time for hard work!


It’s organic:  

It’s organic and thus safe. But what about the tobacco used in it? Chuck it. Who really bothers. The fact that a little knowledge is very dangerous thing, is being proven here. Starting it as an organic stuff to be puffed and snort occasionally, we tend to take it as our routine and then become prone to it.


Drug abuse is not the problem of a country or two, but it is a matter of concern globally. What kind of future we are aiming at, when all we have is young generation addicted to drugs for their survival. Where they would take the country to, when despite of knowing the ill and deteriorating outcomes of these illegal things, they are stuck in the clutches of these drugs.  Now it’s all upto us how we perceive things and act upon it. Maintaining a good distance from them is far a better option than ending your once gifted life because of it.

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