5 Ways To Deal With Your EX Partner Who Is In The Same Friend’s Group!

Ways To Deal With EX

Ways To Deal With EX – Dating someone from your same circle of friends is really natural. But yeah, things get really awkward when the relationship ends, agree? Everything becomes awkward when you meet normally as “just friends” after your relationship. Yeah, other group friends try hard to act normal and keep things normal, but you know it’s not that easy.

There are many people who actually ditch their whole group once they break up. But, that to be honest isn’t the right thing to do. Don’t you think so? I mean, think about it, just because you broke-up with a person who belong to the same circle of friends-group, you ditch the group as well.

Isn’t it childish? Thus, to deal with it maturely, here are some ways you need to follow.

Trust me; everything will go down well.

Ways To Deal With EX – 

  1. Keep it simple

Don’t act like something major has happened or anything like that. Don’t even over-react on things that they say. All you need to do is act sweet and keep it simple by going with the flow. Don’t push yourself too much i.e. don’t bring up what they did to you etc etc. Talk about simple things.

  1. Be polite

Now just in case you are playing a game, don’t bring out what happened in your relationship etc. End things in the past only. You or your ex don’t need to entertain your friend with your past relationship talks.

So take things normally.

  1. Don’t go on flirting

If you strongly feel that things are not going to work again in-between you, then avoid flirting or touching your ex. You know what; you might do it just frankly but your ex might not like it, so avoid it.

  1. Hang out with your friends

Just because your ex will be hanging out to, you don’t need to ditch the plans. Say yes to the plans and go to watch movies etc. Act normally around him, and enjoy their company. Trust me; this is better than not going to hang out and then creating more and more troubles.

  1. Feel good even if your ex is dating someone

Suppose your ex shows up with a new partner, then don’t freak out. Understand that it’s all okay to move on in LIFE, and you can do it too. Also, out of jealously, don’t start bitching about your ex-partner and avoid talking bad things about their new partner. This might make things more bad and awkward.

Ways To Deal With EX – Don’t bring your ego in middle and act like two friends. Understand that it’s all Ok and a natural thing. So, if you want then distance yourself from your ex, but don’t ditch the whole group.

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