These Hilarious Confessions Of A Virgin Makes For A Serious Laughter Dose

Confessions of a virgin

Confessions of a virgin – Being a virgin when you are well past your 20s can be emotionally draining and you end up at the butt of all bullies when most of your friends have happily encountered the pleasurable carnal experience with their boyfriends.

It was you who was pigeon holding herself lately and always backed off from taking the plunge. They could have been many reasons, being betrayed, ending up pregnant or whatsoever, but letting your walls down to the right person is not always as bad.

If you are in a committed relationship and still hasn’t taken the leap, that is to say, gone to explore each other physically, you may end up desperate as the virgins like you below who shared their stories:

Confessions of a virgin –

1 – This virgin who took ‘Netflix and chill’ way too seriously:

She never deemed herself as being a hopeless romantic but sometimes she felt that she is a romantic stuck in a hopeless world of dating. She had meaning for and intense sexual conversation with her boyfriend in the initial days of dating after meeting him in an online dating app then when time went by imperceptibly, they both stopped fancying about it and whiled away time doing ‘Netflix and chill’ together. WTF! Is that even humanly possible?

2 – This virgin who could not lay her faith on any guy she met at the bar:

It is unlikely of a party loving girl to not have sex until her late 20s but this one stands out with her unique inhibition towards guys she usually bumps at in the bars. Picking up a guy from the bar and having a steamy night is not quite her idea of a date and hence she had to resort to virginity. It seems like ‘waiting for the right one’ is a long process for her. Phew!

3 – This virgin who mixed up sex with commitment:

She has a commitment phobia which led her to become guy-phobic too. It would pique her if a guy approached her irrespective of not being a lesbian. That’s bizarre but that’s the way she rolls. She is saving it for the guy who finally compels her to commit and god knows when will the good day arrive!

4 – This virgin is so choosy that she remained a virgin:

Or should we call her a fault-finder? She scrutinized every guy she dated whether or not he will be able to satisfy her in bed. It seems like no one was well eligible to whet her sexual hunger and we really wonder if she is an angel descended from the heaven ftw!

5 – They gave up on it because they hadn’t a condom handy!

Well, this virgin had a boyfriend who seemed to have adored her like a princess. Obviously, he wanted to become intimate with her in bed but she was way too cautious about it. When everything was all set, they realized there was no condom in the drawer they thought it would so instead of having sex, they spent the night watching movies! Like, seriously?

These are the Confessions of a virgin – These stories really demoralized us. Duh!

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