Have You Ever Thought How Life Is For People Who Are 30+ Year Old Virgin?

Still A Virgin Stories

Still A Virgin Stories –

I hope you know that there are people out there who are still virgins.

You know, it has been observed that as soon as anyone comes to know that “you’re still a virgin”, they make fun and then it hurts, right? Even some people who are virgins that losing the virginity in 20’s is really a big deal, and then they take a lot of pressure.

Undoubtedly, a person who is not a virgin is considered to be cool, whereas a person who is yet to lose it is considered to be uncool. Other than all this, there are some virgins who don’t give a damn, and some who certainly do.

Recently, on Reddit, a question was been asked to 30+ virgins about their life and how being a virgin is affecting their life.

If you always wanted to know about it, then read the answers below. ( Still A Virgin Stories )

  1. It doesn’t really bother me anymore, but when I was in my early and mid 20s I felt a lot more pressure about it. Now I feel like if it happens it’s cool, and if not, I’m fine with that too. It doesn’t really have any major effect on my life, though. I’m not upset about it, and I don’t really even think about it most of the time.
  2. Life is awkward and And then you die.
  3. Female virgin at the age of 33 – turning 34 in a couple of months. It doesn’t really affect my life. I’ve never been with a guy that I was in love with and it just hasn’t happened. I have an absolutely dirty mind though and watch enough porn that my friends depend on me to make all the sexual innuendo jokes. Also, regular masturbation
  4. It is literally always on my mind. It is constantly reminded in all interactions with other people. People make fun of virgins around me. It fucking hurts. Met a potential girl 4 months or so ago. Second time I hung out with her, she and her friend joked about a 24 year old virgin on the radio and how it was sad. I discuss the issue with my few friends, and they all return the same advice. “Nobody cares“. Sure doesn’t feel like it.
  5. 32, soon to be 33 year old female here. Romantic relationships have never been a priority in my life. I’ve only ever dated twice and both of those relationships were very short lived. I guess it’s just not my thing. But to answer the question, it doesn’t affect my life at all.
  6. Identify as asexual/aromantic, so it’s a natural consequence of that. Virginity part has no impact on my life. Received some flak for the asex/arom part, but I just ignore it. I love me as I am and am a happy, busy person with many interests.
  7. I’m a 36 year old woman who has never even been kissed. I talk with dudes all the time and have had male roommates, but tend to keep everyone at arms length. The crazy thing is I have a huge amount of friends and a crazy busy social life and I’ve done really well hiding it from everyone. My friends tell me I’m beautiful, but my mind tells me otherwise, and it has a lot of ammunition to use since I’ve always been alone. I have crazy low self esteem and often spend evenings crying because I feel repulsive. I don’t think I’m capable of change. That being said, I stay busy, have a nice place, a good job, so I guess its not all that bad.
  8. 67 year old male and still a virgin. I’m perfectly happy. And not for moral or religious reasons.

Still A Virgin Stories – You see, it all depends. For some people, it’s really not good, whereas others don’t give a damn about it. So, all the virgins out there, the best you can do is, live your life because it’s only yours. Don’t give a damn about others who are always poking fun because you’re a virgin.

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