This Is Why You Should Eat Tomatoes Everyday


Tomatoes are very nutritional. It is loaded with anti oxidants, Vitamins A and C, folic acid, carotene and many others.

We know an apple a day keep doctor away but today we will show how tomato a day can do wonders and will keep your doctor away.

For some it is one of the staple ingredients in a regular balance diet but those who are not that great fan of this fruit should browse below to read why one should incorporate tomatoes on a daily basis.

Let us have a look at some health boosting benefits of tomatoes:

  1. It helps to reduce the risk of heart attacks

Many do not know that tomatoes are very good for your heart. The high Lycopene content helps to reduce the chances of stroke. One of the studies also revealed how risk of stroke is reduced is brought down by 65 percent. So now you know how you can effectively prevent heart ailments by simply adding tomatoes to your daily food intake


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