This Is The Fun Life Of A Baby Elephant In Jungle

Baby Elephan

Baby Elephant – Statutory Warning: This post will stifle you with laughter and you will have to slap your thigh more than once.

Here is a piece of advice for all the brides-to-be out there, make sure your man loves you like an Elephant, sounds bizarre?

Well, you may be astonished to know that Elephants are the most passionate lovers who would sell their soul to make their woman happy. Also, a male Elephant would starve to death if its female dies, that’s the kind of love we find in fairytales, don’t we?

Wait, the info-bombs are not over yet, Elephants even vouch for lip..err! trunk lock kiss to profess their love to the partner, we are melting here already!

Well, if this much cuteness looks a little overkill to you, let me tell you that Elephants never forgive, neither forget and an Elephant too avenge it if you harm its woman like any man would. It is really chivalrous for a man to fight for his woman’s dignity and an Elephant is chivalrous left, right and centre.

We will tell you here how fun-filled life Elephants live in a Jungle, read on below:

Baby Elephant – The fun begins at the baby-stage:

Same like a human baby who would suck its thumb for comfort or driven by sucking reflex, a Baby Elephan too will suck its trunk for the very same reason. And you would be really beguiled to know that its favourite plaything is a puddle of mud. They will go all frolic-and-gambol in the mudpool and come out looking like a chocolate fondue. Aww!

Diwali gifts that they give away to one another:

Guess what a papa Elephant gives to a Baby Elephant ? A suitcase, because it already has a trunk. And the wait, the best is yet to come, A Romero Elephant will give its girl an SPF-50 Sunscreen to help her steer clear of sunburns while strutting about like a Chammak Challo in the jungle.

Career options for them Elephants:

Give this idea a shot, Thai Elephants contribute in notching up the sales of World’s famous coffee brand by donating their dung, now that Indian Elephants share the same dietary routine as the Thai counterparts, why not India too jumps in the dung-exporting bandwagon? Legit enough?

Elephant mommies are smarter than human mommies:

When we pay our moms a visit during vacations, they translate their adulation in the home-cooked meal and stuff us with equal frenzy until we explode. But a mommy Elephant will never that that route, they will never over-feed their baby, after all who would clear the mountainous lump of defecation after an overfed baby? Tell me? *winks*

Elephants don’t oil their own machine:

They have this pathological habit to poke their nose in the business of others because the nose, erm! The trunk is too long to hold back. Just in case, you are contemplating a business, try running a med-shop in the Jungle and you can turn a millionaire overnight by just selling Gelusil to Elephants because apparently, an Elephant has an appetite that matches its size. Here is a shoutout for all the Feminists out there, Elephants have a matriarchal society and the old female leads the group. May Lalita Pawar (read-Power) to you Elephants.

Baby Elephant- Stomach aches from laughing? Well, that’s how they roll!

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