10 Hollywood Movies That Will Inspire You To Travel And Explore Places Around The World!


Hollywood never ceases to amaze us, and many times we are awestruck, for the backdrop some of the movies portray.

Today, through this story, I am going to try to bring to you the magnificent canvases that inspired me to wander. These brilliant movies actually awakened the traveller in me.

Let’s see these 10 Hollywood Movies that will inspire you to travel and explore the world!

Wild (2014)

The film is about a woman’s 1,100miles solo hike undertaken to get over the recent personal tragedies. With no prior experience, a pair of ill-fitted hiking shoes, a heavy backpack, and nothing else but her strong will, Reese Witherspoon, portraying Cheryl Strayed, sets out to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, one of the toughest and longest through-trails in the country. The movie will make you happy and inspire you to travel alone.












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