Hanuman As Ninth Incarnation Of Lord Shiva

incarnation of Lord Shiva

Hanuman is the 9th incarnation of Lord Shiva. Hanuman was the closest disciple of Lord Rama who is the avatar of Krishna. As Shiva is the superior who controls the entire universe being the strongest of all.

Hanuman has a great historical role in supporting Lord Rama to win the battle against Ravana. Vishnu was re-born to fight against Ravana, and Lord Shiva was on earth to help him throughout the journey. He was kind, supportive, loyal and above all courageous. None of the external features of the Shiva matches with the Hanuman.

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Appearance of Hanuman

He is still the king of the monkey kingdom ruling on the earth. His face is similar to the monkey species with a long tail at his back. Partially the structure of human and monkey he was the incarnation of Shiva. Comparing with the appearances of Shiva it does not in any ways describe the ninth avatar. He is one of the loyal and honest souls who have been with his best friend Sugriva when he was sent to exile.

Sugriva was in exile after his brother who was the king of Kishkinda threw him out of the kingdom of monkeys.

How incarnation of Lord Shiva helped Rama?

After Rama lost Sita, two-person was close to him one was Laksmana and the other was Hanuman. Without the strongest Hanuman overcoming the difficulties was impossible. Two of the major obstacles that are memorable and describes the ninth avatar of Lord Shiva are:

Sanjeevani Herbs

During the battle between Rama and Ravana, Laksmana was severely injured. The only way to save his life was the herbs from the mountain of the Dronagiri ranges located at the Himalayas Uttarakhand. Finding out the life-saving herbs that are known as Sanjeevani Booti was not possible from the dense forest.

All he did is picked the entire mountain in his hand took it to the injured Laksman. Finally, they were able to pick the herbs and treat the injury. Finally, Rama’s brother was saved during the battle.

Rama Setu and incarnation of Lord Shiva

Hanuman is known as the Lord of the Monkeys. To help Rama and reach Lanka to rescue his wife Sita was not possible without the bridge build by the army of monkeys. They wrote the name of Lord Rama on the stones and placed it on the sea to form the bridge which is known as Rama Setu.

Once again the ninth incarnation was the one in all to sort out the problems and obstacles. Alone Lord Rama would have been taken a much longer time to reach Sri Lanka and find his wife.

Ravana was the greatest devotee of Lord Shiva who had showered the blessings of being immortal. Thus it was necessary for Lord Rama to have the support of Hanuman who is the incarnation of Shiva. He was able to fight against all the odds to defeat Ravana. The King of Monkeys “Hanuman” was on one side the devotee of Lord Rama and on the other side the avatar or incarnation of Lord Shiva.

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