Confined Confessions Of A Book Lover About Reading

Confessions of a book lover – Reading books is a hobby for many individuals. It is their way to retreat into a world where they rule and no one questions their authority.

Reading books is a hobby for many individuals.

It is their way to retreat into a world where they rule and no one questions their authority.

Finding a readworthy book is like discovering a path to paradise.

I like reading books. I also make sure to not restrict myself to just one genre, as it gives me an opportunity to explore different avenues.

These are my confessions as a book lover –

“I am never alone even though I may appear so”


People often mistake me for a recluse, which is not true. Although I may appear alone when I am deep into reading, but it is actually my destination of solace. I have book(s) for company.

“I have a special reading place”


Yes. I do have a special place that gives me the much-needed peace to read. When someone, who is sitting in my spot, sees me approaching with a book, they immediately clear the space. No one wants to argue there. Personally, I prefer that, too.

“I am diversified and like to learn new things”


I will be honest here. I am no genre-specific individual, but someone who loves to learn different things. My reading genre differs between fiction and non-fiction, thrillers to autobiographies and real life events. It helps me differentiate facts from lies and I feel proud to possess knowledge.

“A library is my heaven”


Entering a library sends me into trance. Being surrounded by books of varied sizes, authors and genres brings me immense pleasure.

“I smell almost every page in the book”


Regardless of whether the book is an old or a new one, I am forced to smell its pages. Personally, nothing else feels more refreshing. I smell every area of the book – hinges, endsheets, fore edge, square, headband, endsheet, fly leaf and pastedown.

“Reading sends me into hibernation”


When I read a book, I go into hibernation. I am the characters in the book and the worlds mentioned there are mine. It takes me far away from all the chaos and anarchy of the real world. I now live in the chaos and anarchy expressed in the books.

“I often find myself living the life of the character in the book”


I dive into the words and the emotions that the book expresses. Often times, I find my normal behaviour different from usual and as resembling that of one of the characters from the book. It, of course, takes some time for me to get out of the character. The behaviour annoys my friends and family members.

“Emotions get the best of me”


Death of my favourite character or the end of a relationship brings me sorrow. This is when I believe putting me in the characters’ shoes can be a mistake, but I can’t help it.

“I am never satisfied”


Though a harsh fact, it is true that I am never satisfied because I know that there is a better book out there than the one I have just finished reading. I still believe that the best is yet to come. When? That I will never know.

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