The Medieval’s “Trial By Ordeal” Punishments Will Make You Feel Nothing But PAIN!

Trial by ordeal

Trial By Ordeal – During the medieval period, proving one’s innocence and guilt had a worst punishment.

Experiencing such dangerous punishment was like a nightmare for the people back then. The test done during that time used to prove whether a person is innocent or guilty. If the accused escaped the injury then that meant he is an innocent one but if he failed to win the test then that resulted into his death there itself.

Therefore, there are types in trial by ordeal that were taken place during that time which were very dangerous and breath-taking.

These five historic trial by ordeal will definitely leave you in an extreme shock.

  • Trial By Fire

Well to face the trial by fire, the accused was required to walk all over the hot coals. And based on the amount of the burns on his Body he was presumed as an innocent or guilty. In this case, if the accused had nearly less burns than he was accepted as an innocent by the leader.

  • Trial By Hot Iron

Sometimes, the accused were faced with this unsafe burning punishment as well. To face this trial, an accused was ordered to hold a heated iron & later walk at least 9 feet.

Once he completes his walking, his hands were later examined by studying the burns on his hand. If there was a lack of burns then he was accepted as innocent.

  • Trial By Snake

Thinking to face the snake is what scares the people a lot. But, during that time there was a test called trial by snake which was not only scary but harmful as well. This test was especially for the person who would lie to get another person punish.

The test included- In an earthenware pot, they used to place the snake & a ring under him. After that the accused was demanded to bring back the ring and if the snake bites him then hence the assumption was made that he was guilty.

  • Trial By Hot Water

The trial by hot water required the accused to put his hands into the bowl of boiling water and remove the stone out of it as quickly as possible.

Later after three days the result was declared by examining his hand based on the amount of burns he had. If the wounds were healed then it was clearly assumed that God has forgiven him & he is innocent.

  • Trial By Cold Water

The trial by cold water required the accused to be submerged into the barrel at-least three times & if he floated the accused was considered guilty whereas if he sank then he was declared innocent resulting that the water accepts him.

  • Trial By Burning Oil

This one had a similar procedure where the accused was said to remove an item from the boiled oil by putting his hands into it. And also in the second part of the same trial; the accuser plus the accused were ordered to do the same thing & whosoever’s hand remains unharmed wins the battle & was declared innocent.

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