The Real Haunting And Mysteries Incidents That Took Place On The Sets Of These Horror Movies!

Haunting And Mysteries Incidents

Haunting And Mysteries Incidents  – People love to get entertained and one of the easiest ways to get entertained is by watching movies. People have different liking when it comes to watching movies, like comedy, action, romantic and horror.

These days, horror movies are ruling the film fraternity and especially when we talk about Hollywood movies which reach to global levels to haunt every single being who claims to be a fan of horror movies. The twisthere is that there are certain spooky incidents that have actually taken place while shooting for these movies which obviously in not disclosed to the people.

We have gathered 5 such behind-the-scenes spooky incidents which happened while shooting these top of the chartbuster horror movies.

Here’s the Haunting And Mysteries Incidents :

  1. The Exorcist: The entire house burned down to flames where the shooting of this movie, The Exorcist was taking place. The house which was called Regan’s house in the movie was almost burned except Regan’s bedroom. This panicked the entire crew and they called a real priest to examine the house and its surroundings.

  1. The Crow: The lead of the movie was Bruce Lee’s son Brandon Lee who died because of being shot by a fake pistol. Nobody knows who replaced the fake pistol with the real one but everybody thought that it was a fake pistol but as Brandon was shot, people discovered that it was a real bullet and Brandon was no more.

 Haunting And Mysteries Incidents

  1. The Omen: As soon as the final scenes of the movie, The Omen wrapped up the designer for the movie and his girlfriend lost As soon as the final scenes of the movie, The Omen wrapped up the designer for the movie and his girlfriend met with a massive accident. The designer somehow revived but his girlfriend died in the accident just as what was shown in the movie. The entire scene of the movie got repeated in the practical life.

Haunting And Mysteries Incidents

  1. The Twilight Zone: After the shooting of the movie ended and it was ready for a release the 2 children who acted in the movie died. These children were in a helicopter which crashed freakily. The reason for the crash was failing of the tail-router of the helicopter.

Haunting And Mysteries Incidents

  1. Rosemary’s Baby: This one is considered to be one of the most disturbing happenings on the sets of any movie, as after the movie was released the producer started getting so many hate mails from the fans that he had to be admitted to the hospital because of depression and trauma. The mostdisturbing aspect of this story is that on the hospital bed, the producer kept repeating “Rosemary, for God’s sake put down the knife!”

Haunting And Mysteries Incidents

These are only 5 of the Haunting And Mysteries Incidents from behind the scenes of some of the scariest horror movies of all times. There are a lot of such incidents which follows. People find it hard to believe but the truth doesn’t get altered upon beliefs of individuals.

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