10 Reasons Why Nice Guys Get Friendzoned

Friendzoned – It’s always nightmarish getting friendzoned by the person you hold a torch for. You want to have her in your arms but she always sees through you and your emotions alike.

You still can’t serve your emotions in a platter before them in the fear of rejection or worse, losing their friendship. Sometimes, the other person intentionally hangs you there irrespective of being wary of your soft corner for them. The place may seem dark and dingy but if you accustom yourself to stay there, all hopes will be lost.

Hence we are jotting down here some reasons why you are being friendzoned always so that you can come out of the closet and tell her that you love her.

1 – You are easily accessible:

We are not saying that you should not be there when she gives you a call in the midnight but always paying her all your attention makes her take you for granted. Besides, agreeing to whatever she says also shallows your personality. Don’t be afraid to differ with her. Build your own identity and opinions, she will notice you.

2 – You let her come to you when she needs you:

It’s all about balance, baby! Don’t always lend a shoulder whenever she fights with her boyfriend. If she complains way too much, cut her short and say you are sleepy. May be you can listen to her problem later but not always in that situation. Remember, not always!

3 – You are a coward of sorts:

Show your flirty side to her. There is a thin line there however that you need not cross but start complimenting her on her beauty, stop pulling her leg. High time now!

4 – You are a vending machine of advices:

Of course she needs betterments, we all do, but that doesn’t mean you need to smother her with advices. Keep it short and simple, leave a room for guessing.

5 – Have a spine:

You are not helping yourself and letting this friendzone get into your skin. Stop building castle in the air and fight for your rights.

6 – You are boring:

You talk about stars and poetry a lot but shay away from talking sex. Have a good sense of humour and talk naughty with her sometimes too. Let yourself lose, she will like it, every girl sneakily does.

7 – You are always available:

You are the first option she turns to when her boyfriend stands her up and she cancels on him. No wonder, she takes you for granted.

8 – Stop being grouchy and start putting efforts:

No one, not even god will come to your rescue if you don’t do hard work. Being a friend, you already know her likes and dislikes so start pampering her by virtue of that.

Man and woman using smart phones at table.

9 – Establish physical intimacy:

Hold her hand, act naughty if she allows. You will get ample opportunities, but just have to shed your shield of shame.

10 – Make mistakes but don’t seem stupid:

You are her partner-in-crime all right but don’t seem stupid when you are getting romantically closer. You can meanwhile make mistakes but learn to rest not quit.

Turn on the go-getter self of yours. All the best!

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