The Interesting History Behind The Swear Words That Are Used A lot Nowadays!

Swear Words

“Swear Words”

The world has changed and so does our language.

If I’m not wrong then the swear words have become a part of the verbal communication today. Isn’t it? E.g. many people are keener into saying “what the f**k are you doing” instead of “what are you doing” or “Let’s just get this shit done” instead of “Let’s get this work done” and many more.

There are many people who just can’t resist using ‘em while talking. Are you one of ‘em?

Well even if you are; do you having any idea regarding the invention of these cuss words? It’s OK if you don’t because this content will provide you the answer.

So, history behind the cuss words:-

  1. FUCK

This dirty word is one of the favorite. Isn’t it? It might be holding a different meaning today but this word was actually originated from the German language. Well, the f**k is basically an acronym meaning that says “Fornication Under Consent Of The King” or “Unlawful Carnal knowledge” but the king & it’s story is absolutely not true.

  1. CUNT

Cunt which means a woman’s genitals is actually thought to come from the Proto-Germanic word “Kunto” & it appears as “Kunta” in the Old time.

  1. PISS

It is used as slang for urination. And this word was originated in the 13th century from the French word “Pissier” and “Pissare”.

  1. SHIT

Look at that shit! Oh how easily such words are been used. Agree? Well, shit has been originated from the German language. The old English noun “scitte” means diarrhea.


No need to explain this big-c word; this word was actually first printed in the year 1933. It comes from the Latin word coccus.

  1. MORON

Even though this word refers to a “stupid person” but earlier it was actually known as a word that was used to refer a person with certain learning disability.

  1. BITCH

This word is mostly used to call a woman –“Female dog” and back then in 1400 this word came from the old English Norse “bikkjuna”. Well, the dictionary which was published in 1811 also stated that this word is the most offensive one given to an English woman as compared to whore.


A combination of two words God & Damn; this word is actually offensive to use. This word was originated from the French who used it to refer all the English men as “les goddems” in a war.


In British this word actually means a “bundle of sticks bound together as a fuel” but since 20th century this word is referred to a gay men.

This word originally comes from the French word “Fagot”.

Now that you know the history behind these swear words; let your friends know about ‘em too.

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