Why Being A Narcissist Is Good For You


Narcissism is an act of loving yourself and narcissist is a person who is obsessed with himself.

But the society has always misinterpreted narcissism as an immoral thing. Does that mean it is better being an empathetic rather than a narcissist?

No, because in this competitive world, there’s no space for emphatic people. Wherever you will go and whatever selfless deeds you will do for others, you will not get any benefit.

Therefore, being a narcissist is so much better than being emphatic and actually a good thing for you.

A narcissist always feels good about himself and in this world, you have all the right to feel so. Yes, the society hates when someone is too smart or when someone achieves something too fast but that’s how it will always be. It really doesn’t mean you cannot be proud of yourself or tell people what all you have achieved in life. After all, you worked hard for something, accomplished things and if feeling proud about that and being called a narcissist for the same is wrong, then let it be. Because you know it’s good for you and the things that you have achieved.

Also, narcissists tend to get hurt much less in this mean world.

While some people are too much into others’ life, narcissists only care about themselves. They don’t care what’s going around them until and unless it affects them. Narcissists love themselves and there is no reason why they will ever get affected with what you are doing to yourself. This habit leads them to a happy life in their own little world where they are the superiors.

Another great thing about being a narcissist is being a good leader.

While nice people slave themselves for the whole life, narcissists always stay abovethe rest. This makes them a great leader because they only listen to themselves and follow their instinct. They enjoy being a leader because they like to dominate other people and if being a narcissist puts you on a superior position, then why not?

Last but not the least, you are as much loved by people as you are hated. While some people love how you love yourself and the charisma that you have, others may be jealous of you and hate you. Be that as it may, life is balanced for a narcissist and I must say that if you are one, just stay like that.

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