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On his 51st birthday, wellness guru Mickey Mehta tells us where we go wrong when it comes to our health and also shares some important tips on achieving holistic wellbeing.



On his 51st birthday, wellness guru Mickey Mehta tells us where we go wrong when it comes to our health and also shares some important tips on achieving holistic wellbeing.

  1. What do you think is wrong with today’s youth when it comes to wellbeing?

 The whole chase for vanity and simply looking good, without being completely well from within is a wrong attitude. People are focussing only on the exercising part and supplementation, and not on organic health. This creates a big problem.

  1. So do you think that the youth has gone wrong in understanding the concept of wellbeing?

Naturally, the concept has gone completely wrong and we need to correct it. The whole approach of running after a shapely body, muscles, biceps and abs is wrong. We are becoming violent towards the body. There is a lot of aggression showing up. So, I would suggest that youngsters should look at a wider horizon and how they can be happy. How they can accomplish more in life with good energy levels, a sound sleep, creative thoughts, a constructive behaviour and the right attitude. These are important things and not shaping up abs.

  1. Most of us neither eat and sleep properly, nor exercise. This is mostly because of our highly demanding jobs. Is there any solution that you can suggest where we don’t have to make any major changes in the day’s schedule?

The most important thing is to sleep early. Between 10pm and 11pm you must be knocked out in your sleep. Sleeping early and waking up early will give you a lot of energy. Also, you heal more in your sleep.

If you have a disturbed body clock, you need to sleep early, wake up early and exercise in the morning, and somehow find time for it. Eat very healthy throughout the day and don’t be in a rush. Think very peacefully and happily, and do only as much as you can. Take only as much on your plate as much you can handle. Cut out the unnecessary waste, the chase and the pace of life. You need to de-clutter your lives and your mind. Cutting out the waste from the mind will cut out the waste from the body.

  1. Please suggest a few tips which will aid in losing weight uniformly and quickly.

Cut out the breads, pizza, burger, sandwiches and pastas. White flour and sugar are the major killers today. I am not asking you to not eat them completely. May be twice a week you can enjoy all this. Make sure your bowels are always clean and your stomach is not constipated. Be active. Walk a lot. Take the staircase instead of the lift as many times as you can.

  1. Since the wedding season is approaching, what tips would you like to share with the bride and the groom?

Don’t ask me about how to reduce the torso. If you log on to the internet, you will find millions of solutions to that. I would say, the girl and guy should get a glow on the face. They should start having lots of fruit and vegetable juices, green tea and pomegranate. An important thing for a couple would be to start working out together. When you bond over workouts, automatically you work to the optimum and get into the right shape.

  1. As you are aware, these days many youngsters are suffering from lifestyle diseases. What would be your guru mantra to help lead a healthier and happier life?

Your self-belief should be very strong and you should be very optimistic. Look out for creative thoughts, constructive behaviour and compassionate words. This is about holistic wellbeing and your subtle side.

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