What Girls Want To Say When Their Boyfriend Is Annoying In Bed

when boyfriend annoys in bed

When boyfriend annoys in bed – as demanding as the boys are in bed, girls are just too co-operative.

In fact, they should be given an award to tolerate all those annoying things that men do in bed.

I mean, when they just forget that their super heavy leg is actually killing a girl with heavyweight or when they just don’t let a girl sleep because they are way too horny for slumber. Yet, girls do handle all that because come on, that’s love. But boys need to know that every time a girl ignores a guy’s annoying thing in bed, she really wishes to say something that she holds on to because she doesn’t want to hurt you.

So, what are those things that a girl wants to say but don’t when boyfriend annoys in bed? Find out here.

When boyfriend annoys in bed – 

  1. Either behave or sleep outside

I mean why you want to poke her again and again when she is asleep. Also, once sex is done, you really need to keep those hands in control from jumping here and there. Now, she might not say that to you up front but that’s exactly how she feels – ANNOYED! That’s why she wishes to ask you to behave or get out but the love has stopped her.

  1. Why don’t you take permission

We all know that guys just don’t take permission before showing a next move, I mean at least ask or inform her that this is what you are going to do next. But this annoying habit of yours might seem okay to you because she doesn’t say anything, but she really wants you to take permission.

  1. Don’t put all your weight

When you get tired, you just let go all your weight on us which actually kills us. Being so much in love with you, we really feel like asking you to get your body off of us but it’s not possible for us somehow.

  1. Try something new

Yeah, repeating the same things again and again bores the hell out of girls and they really wish to tell you to try something new. Why don’t you? It’s as annoying as boring it is and just because she is not asking you for new moves, doesn’t mean she is fine with it.

  1. Get off me

Now, you may probably think that why would she say this to you, but when you annoy her she really feels like throwing you out. One day, she will definitely say that to you.

This is what girlfriends want to say when boyfriend annoys in bed. So guys, stop feeling proud of what you do in bed just because your girlfriend isn’t saying anything to you. That is annoying and she wants to say a lot to you but she is just holding it back.

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