6 Best Reasons to Date a #NorthEastIndian Belle

Dating a North-East Indian girl can be a great experience. Here we look at some of the best reasons to date a girl from this part of the country.

Newsfeeds on different humour websites contain articles about reasons to date a #Guajarati girl, a #SouthIndian girl or a woman belonging to some other ethnic region in India.

However, there aren’t too many contents that shed light on the reasons as to why dating a #NorthEastIndian girl would be the best.

Here we look at some of the best reasons to date a girl from this part of the country –

The Perfect Smile

Men consider women’s facial expressions as one of the aspects that make them go weak on their knees. North-East Indian women sport the perfect smile and their occasional biting of lips can put you in a spell. Not literally, but you will find yourself captivated nonetheless.

Just the Right Dressing Sense

Complimenting a perfect smile is nothing else other than the clothes that a woman wears. You will find your date ideally dressed every single time you meet them. #Fashionfauxpas is not a word in their dictionary. Seriously, these women are the #fashionistas of the modern-day world.

Delicacies to Make Your Mouth Watery

If you are a foodie, expect a large amount of delicious cuisines time and again. From #Assamese delicacies to #Naga cuisine and #Tripuri dishes, you can have a wide range of choices to pick your food from. Some of these dishes also contain natural herbs that can bring about a positive effect on your health.

Physically Maintained

Even after tasting dishes of wide variety, the North-East Indian belles do not put on massive weight. They believe in staying fit and follow a stringent health regime. Maybe you can incorporate the same regimen in your daily activities to create a health and style statement of your own.

Devotedly Committed

In a relationship, people seek commitment and that is what you will get with having a girlfriend from North-East India. You can expect unconditional love and support during the best and worst of times. They will be by your side at all times lending the much-needed support and foundation that every relationship needs to sustain.


This quality should be self-explanatory. We are all aware about the #NorthEastIndian racialstereotypes that people hurl at them. After all this, they forgive the guilty. However, remember that as their better-half it is your responsibility to protect them from stereotypes and not become a part of the ignorant system.

Dating is fun, but the experience varies with different regional ethnicities. With a North-Indian belle alongside you, there can be several other fun experiences to cherish.

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