Say Goodbye To Double Chin !

double chin

Double chin – Whenever your eyes find a mirror, you check out. You check your makeup, hair style, smile or maybe pout, eyes and if it is large enough, you surely breath in to see your peeking tummy. But what about your double chin? Yes! You notice it as well.

Finding double chin on your dear face might down your mouth and pings a thought of being fat or obese in your mind. Well, in that case, you should know besides weight gain, there are many reasons behind that fleshy fold beneath your chin:

  • High intake of calories or saturated fat
  • Poor body posture
  • Inherited from parents or anyone from the family
  • Ageing and losing elasticity of the skin

While you have several reasons to bear a chubby skin fold beneath your chin, you need to know how to get rid of it and say goodbye forever.

Hey to the sky!

Almost every exercise you do, demands an upward movement of jaw, be it looking at sky or the ceilings, all you have to do is follow any of the mentioned below and see the results in few weeks:

Double chin

  • Rotating your chin: (IMG_5934)

Rotating your chin by slow and gradual rotation of the neck, stretching the chin majorly. You can perform it while sitting or while standing.

  • Kiss in the air: (IMG_5931)

Again with the raised jaw, try to kiss or make a pout in the air. This besides hindering your submental fat, makes you practice for a good pout and yes a good picture as well (if you love pout making faces).

double chin

  • Role of the tongue: (IMG_5932)

Role of the tongue is more than rolling and involves stretching and touching the upper surface of the mouth. On making your tongue to touch the roof of your mouth you also make your neck work syncopating with each other. You can also stick your tongue all the way out while keeping your jaw wide open.

double chin

  • Up-down: (IMG_5933)

In this, first, you have to first burn your sweat making you chin still in the air and then attempts to touch the chest. This up-and-down movement should be carried initially with pace and then increasing it gradually.

double chin

  • Lay straight: (IMG_5935)

You have to lay with your back keeping your head off the bed. You may hang it from the outer edge of the bed. Now you have to try touching your chest with chin and keep it doing at least for 3 seconds and see the good results in the coming days.

double chin

While most the exercise includes the role of the head movement, you should follow it precisely to prevent any strain. The best part of this exercise is that one can do it my time.

Make sure you do it regularly and follow all the steps and give regards to time as well. You need to.keep.your body straight, irrespective of the position opted while doing these exercises. Keeping your body loose may lead to other deformities in the body and make you sick of them.

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