Double Chin Can Bring Severe Health Issues! Get Rid Of It!

Double chin health issues

Are you sporting a Double Chin?

Do you like it?

No? Well, then keep reading this.

Double chin refers to the fatty tissue under the chin. It is a layer of fat around the neck that sags down, and it looks like you a have a second chin. It is very common among obese and the elderly people.

But, these days it is seen as a common occurrence amongst the youth also.

Generally, people view double chins as a cosmetic problem, but most of the time it is not. It is a result of health and lifestyle disorders and can also cause several serious health issues if left untreated.

In fact, double chin can be associated with diseases like Periodontal Disease and life-threatening conditions such as Sleep Apnea Syndrome and Pneumonia.

Therefore, double chin is no longer just a beauty problem, but can be dangerous to health, too.

Let us take an insight on the double chin occurrence and the health risks it portrays.

Sleep Apnea Syndrome Caused Due to Double Chin

The first danger of a double chin is the fact that it can be associated with Sleep Apnea Syndrome. Sleep apnea is characterized by transient termination of breathing that occurs during sleep. It increases the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure (hypertension). You’ll also get increased risk of causing a traffic accident during daytime due to sleepiness.

Did you know that you can easily tell from the people in the streets if they have a double chin and are at risk for sleep apnea? Yes, you can and experts just use a simple ruler to do this!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Place the ruler so it touches just the bottom of the Adam’s apple and the tip of the chin.
  2. If you can’t find a gap to insert one of your fingers between the neck, then the person has a double chin and is at risk of sleep apnea syndrome.
Sleeping and Driving

Sleeping and Driving

The Structure of Your “Hyoid Bone” and How It Works

The second non-apparent danger of a double chin is the type that involves the Hyoid Bone. The hyoid bone is a U-shaped bone located in the neck between the chin and Adam’s apple and is responsible for speech, tongue movement and swallowing. It basically works like a pedestal that supports the whole tongue.

Did you know that the hyoid bone is the only bone in the body that is not connected to any other bones? It is considered the only ‘floating’ bone in the human body, and is solely connected to other bones through its muscles and ligaments.

Hyoid Bone Degeneration and Pneumonia

Aging is a major factor in contributing double chin due to the weakening muscles and skin, thereby making the hyoid bone more apparent.

Weak muscles can indeed lower the position of the hyoid bone, making it look like a double chin. This is very different from the double chin caused by obesity.

Why a lowered position of the hyoid bone poses a health risk?

When you swallow foods or liquids, you’ll feel some movements around your thyroid. Actually, the hyoid bone is responsible for this upward and downward motion and is essential for proper swallowing.

Both swallowing and eating is a highly complex mechanism. Swallowing involves the process of making foods or drinks pass from the mouth, to the pharynx, then into the oesophagus.

The hyoid bone plays a vital role in this process as it helps prevent the food from going to the windpipe (trachea). A lowered hyoid bone can cause this process to fail and may make the foods go into the windpipe instead. This is colloquially referred to as foods “going down to the wrong pipe”.

Foreign materials like food and liquid going to the windpipe or airways leading to the lungs can cause lung inflammation, which is medically called “Pulmonary Aspiration”. This is very dangerous and can cause choking or death within minutes, including increased risk of Pneumonia.

In addition, a dislocated or lowered hyoid bone can worsen the movement of the tongue by not enabling it to stick to the upper jaw. The tendency is that the tongue will easily accumulate dirt or bacteria. This can contribute to bad breath and gum diseases.

How To Identify A Dangerous Double Chin

To determine if your double chin is caused by Hyoid Bone degradation, and if you are at risk of pulmonary aspiration, you may perform these simple tests.

  1. Index Finger Test

Place your index finger on top of your “Adam’s apple”. Drink water or swallow your saliva. If you feel your Adam’s apple go up above your index finger, then your swallowing mechanism will appear to be working as it should!

Index Finger Test

Index Finger Test

  1. 30 Seconds Swallow Test

Swallow your saliva a couple of times for 30 seconds. If you are able to swallow your saliva only once or twice during the 30-second time frame, then you may have a “swallowing disorder”

Swallowing disorder

Swallowing disorder


How Can You Prevent or Remove A Dangerous Double Chin?

Below are the exercises that you can perform to strengthen your neck muscles and help it lift the hyoid bone.

  1. Jaw Workout

Keep your mouth wide open for 10 seconds. Repeat this for 5 times, twice a day.

Jaw workout

Jaw workout

  1. Head Lift Workout

Lie on your back and slowly raise your head until you can see your toes. Stay in this position for 10 seconds, then rest for another 10 seconds. Repeat this process 3 times, thrice a day.

Head lift workout

Head lift workout

  1. Chewing The Gum 

Working your jaw by chewing sugar-free gum throughout the day helps to tone and keep the jaw and face muscles moving. This will help stop surplus fat from accumulating on the chin and jawline.

Swallowing disorder

Swallowing disorder

Other Effective Ways To Get Rid of A Double Chin 

  1. Treat The Skin Properly

The moisturizing effects of neck firming lotions and creams containing ingredients like Ginseng, organic oils, and Shea butter helps to strengthen saggy jowls and skin under the chin and on the neck areas. Furthermore, this will encourage a younger looking skin and will boost your facial yoga regimens.

Treat The Skin Properly

Treat The Skin Properly

  1. Adapt Correct Posture

Posture is important to treat a double chin since the muscles of the chin, jaw, and neck become weak due to improper jaw alignment or slouching. Learn the habit of sitting with your back erect and your shoulders kept back, and your head held up properly. Walk this way, too. This can help tighten the area beneath the chin after a while and lessen the appearance of a dual chin.

Adapt Correct Posture

Adapt Correct Posture

  1. Switch To Healthy Diet

Good diet is key and will fast-forward the good results of facial aerobics. Reduce or steer clear of junk food, booze, coffee, sodas, and smoking. This will reduce chin fat and inhibit further build-up. Small diet changes like eating more leafy greens and oily fish abundant in Omega 3 will make a substantial difference in your double chin reduction and removal ambitions.

Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet

If one is determined to seriously work on the health issues, then there are no reasons that they will not meet the results. A double chin is very easy to get rid of, provided you apply the remedies correctly.

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