Carbs And Their Effects On Body


Carbs – Chocolates, sweets, brownies, mud pies, smoothies-Ahaaaaaaa!!!!

Who doesn’t like to have a hold of all these on a regular basis? Do you? They are absolutely irresistible, lickering. One can say truly Utterly, Butterly and Delicious!!!

Roaming out or hanging out with friends on a hot sunny day?

Do you wanna have your favorite smoothie or a freak shake to quench your thirst? Right from children to adults no one can actually ignore the sight of such delicacies. Right?? Completely accepted. After all it’s a human tendency to get attracted for what isn’t good for our health.


Well…well..well…if you are of that thinking wait a sec Boss!!!! Do you know how tones of troubles are you sending an open invitation to?

Let’s take a snap view of Carbs.

All the sugar-coated foods mentioned above (though many more to be listed…) belongs to the family of carbohydrates. Carbs are the main energy source of our body. The study carried out by Institute of Medicine is suggestive of the fact that on an average per day diet should contain of approximately 45% to 65% of the carbs derived from healthy sources.

Imagine you had a nice heavy and healthy lunch on a Sunday afternoon at home and at the evening you went for a smoothie party with your friends. This extra smoothie which you had during Sunday just adds to more cholesterol rather than being a part of your healthy and balanced diet. Yes you hear it right. Whatever extra calories enters are our gets deposited in the form of high level cholesterol thereby just putting on to more of our body weight. Perhaps due to this our weighing machine shoots high. The fast food sources of carbs are loaded with sugars.


Excessive consumption of sugars may raise your appetite to grab a hold of such foods more on a regular basis. Ultimately this will lead to negligence of what’s actually meant for a healthy living.

Remember whatever extra source of either carbohydrates or sugar you had during the day is just gonna add up to your kg’s as well as play a major role in shooting your insulin secretion by pancreas. As a result, you become opportunistic to many diseases related to blood pressure such as diabetes, high cholesterol, hyper thyroidism, ultimately paving the way to cardiac arrest. Recent studies have shown that excessive consumption of sugars may drive you towards Alzheimer’s. Yes you heard it right, sources often suggested Alzheimer’s as type 3 diabetic dilemma.

Now the ball lands in your court!!!!

It’s completely on you how to handle the steering of your life’s car. Eat healthy…Live better….Work harder for a better tomorrow. Don’t die before your death!!!It’s absolutely OK to have your favorite cheat diet once in a blue moon but if you are again resorting to a regular consumption, than Boss!! Duck the ball for the sake of yourself and the well-being of your family. If still it doesn’t makes any sense just have a review of your medical bills which trolls your future savings.

No food craving is as important as you are for your family. ADIEU with a healthy and wealthy lifestyle!!!

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