Ten Laws Of Karma That Will Change Your Life!

Laws of karma

Laws of karma – For a lot of people out there, karma is the horrifying punishment that comes back haunting to everyone. Well, karma in real is not punishment or punishing.

It is the most prominent aspect of life that has its identicalness with the Newton’s Law of Motion that say ‘For every action there is equal and opposite reaction’. Thus, in precise it is a law of causes and effects.

And with the terms causes and effects every action of any person taken, comes back to him that being either good or bad. The study of Laws of karma, teaches the effects of our deeds – just because when there is nothing to stop us from all the wrong doings the world today will be at total devastation.

Nothing to fear of, because here we got you the ten Laws of karma that will help you understand better this modifying force. Check them.

Laws of karma –

  1. The Great Law

The Great Law explains that whatever is sown is reaped. It means that every deed that is done by you will make sure reaches you out through various consequences. This Great Law is also known as the Law of causes and effects.

 Laws of karma

  1. The Law of Creation

The life around doesn’t come into existence all by itself but with the actions and intentions of a person. And so, the Universe around is determined the intentions of people.

 Laws of karma

  1. The Law of Humility

Acceptance is the key for almost all the circumstances that life comes up with. Without acceptance, you just cannot think about changing the negative traits in you or the surroundings. The non-acceptance doesn’t not make it any better, instead leaves the issue unresolved.

 Laws of karma

  1. The Law of Growth

Life puts every one of us into many places and situations. Instead of expecting the place or the circumstance to change, there is another best thing that can be done. That is changing oneself accordingly, because in the whole Universe our self is the only one that we have total control over.


  1. The Law of Responsibility

When life poses with a problem, remember there is a problem in your own self – starting from the mind set and perceptions towards the life’s circumstances. In simple, our lives determine our doings and nothing more or less.


  1. The Law of Connection

Remember everything in this Universe is connected and so the past, present and future do. Work if you wish for something different that follows your present.

Laws of karma 

  1. The Law of Focus

When desire to grow spiritually, just cannot think of the negative traits like greed, hypocritical, immoral, irresponsible etc. Because, you cannot divide your focus on two different things.

 Laws of karma

  1. The Law of Giving and Hospitality

Selflessness is the essence and being a helping hand to the ones that are in dire need of some help is not a wrong at all.

 Laws of karma

  1. The Law of Here and Now

Regretting the past will be of no good help, instead steals the beautiful present and leaves you feel devastated and feeling no good. So, take the lessons from the past in making the present and future better.

 Laws of karma

  1. The Law of Change

The present and future alone are in your hands and strive to change instead of brooding over the past.

Laws of karma

These are some prominent Laws of karma, that will help you better in being on the righteous path. This helps you in being conscious about your various deeds and its reflections or comeback to life.

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