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If you are sick of ordering everyday from out and the slightest thought of gulping down anything prepared in your canteen disgusts you, we have a solution…


If you are sick of ordering everyday from out and the slightest thought of gulping down anything prepared in your canteen disgusts you, we have a solution. These enticing recipes are quick and easy to follow, and won’t require you to be a culinary genius.

  1. 5-minute sandwiches

A homemade sandwich is a much better option than that you eat from out. You have the freedom to choose the ingredients according to your liking. Whether you are using meat or veggies, you are assured that they are properly washed and cleaned, which makes them a healthier option than the roadside ones, or even those, which you order from restaurants and spend a fortune on a few pieces of vegetables or meat. Plus, you can also season it as per your taste and it takes hardly any time to prepare them. For the recipes of 5-minute sandwiches, click here:

  1. Quick salads

I needn’t reiterate the fact that salads are healthy and a must-have in everyday diet. There was a reason why our moms were so particular about us having salads before every meal, even if it was a modest mix of onions, cucumber and tomatoes tossed in lemon juice, salt and pepper. Now, of course, we have developed our palates towards salads from world cuisines, with exotic ingredients. But, the silliest thing we do is when we spend on unreasonably priced salads at posh restaurants. Agreed that we can’t risk our health eating salads from any other roadside, unassuming joint, but we can never be sure if the kitchens of those fine-dining, even restaurants inside 5-star hotels, are clean and hygienic. Believe me, no one cares a damn if you are eating clean food or not, except you and your mom, who is not staying with you probably. For the recipe of quick, kimchi salad, click here:   

  1. 15-minute macaroni

We have taken a fancy towards those exotic, highly priced, gourmet pastas and macaronis served at specialty restaurants and pubs. How about taking a break from those flavours and instead trying macaroni cooked in desi style? What we have for you is a lip-smacking, enticing preparation with dollops of veggies and Indian masalas, ready in a moment. The best part is that you won’t even have to boil the macaroni separately, since the recipe uses a pressure cooker. Just mix everything in the cooker, put it on for two whistles and meanwhile get ready for work. For the recipe of 15-minute pressure cooker macaroni, click here:

  1. Nutella French toast

Who says you can’t have desserts for breakfast? Infact, instead of giving to your cravings for those sweet nothings at night, it is better if you take care of it in the morning, since your body will have the entire day to digest it. If you are bored of eating those regular French toasts, here is a scrumptious preparation, which will spruce up the flavours of those everyday toasts with spoonfuls of Nutella and chunks of strawberry. You can even impress your colleagues or someone special at work or in college with your culinary genius, when you don’t really have to be one. For the recipe of Nutella French toast with strawberry, click here:

  1. Herbed meat

If you happen to be a hardcore carnivore and need your daily dose of meat, then this one’s for you. Infact, it will be ideal to pack something like this in your tiffin, rather than curbing your cravings, badmouthing your canteen walla for making a fool out of you by serving that greasy, unpalatable chicken curry, and just waiting for the dinnertime to hog on to some good meat. Prep it up yourself in the morning and devour to your heart’s content. And opt for a lighter, vegetarian meal at night. For the recipe of salted and peppered meat, click here:  

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