If You Are A Girl! On These 10 Situations You Have A Right To Say NO!

We all are from a planet called People Pleasing!

We love to fall into that acceptance game and doing randomly stupid stuff so that people are pleased of us and accept us as a nice person. This appears so futile to me!

With such ass licking attitude, saying no becomes a huge task!

But, being a girl and that too in young years, it becomes imperative to learn to say no as and when you desire. You have to learn to put your needs first and get rid of the guilt, if you are saying no.

Trust me, it is absolutely ok to say no if you are not comfortable doing something.

Here are 10 situations that may call for a no and you will have to say it in a stern voice, while putting your foot down!

  1. You are invited to a friend’s get together which you totally are not up to. Say no and do not feel bad about it. It’s your prerogative to choose your fun times. No one can impose on you. You can always excuse yourself by making a prior phone call and saying that you have to attend to something really important. obscure


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