These 12 Apps Are Giving Tough Competition To WhatsApp!

There is an array of text messaging apps available in the market. Though Whatsapp is the ‘˜King of Apps’ there are many others which are giving it stiff competition. We explore 12 such apps.

There are a horde of Smartphone applications available that have made life simpler.

From shopping apps to gaming ones, and from apps for professionals to those for students, there is a huge variety available today.

In fact, a free messaging app, such as WhatsApp, aides in the growth of various businesses. If this app was to become un-functional for even a day, it could affect the operations of many businesses, as well as the lives of some WhatsApp fanatics!

We get a list of lesser used messaging apps that are a good alternative to WhatsApp.

1)  Kik: This is an old app used by Blackberry users. The most appealing feature of this app is that it does not need a phone number and can identify users with a username. It also comes with an in-built browser. 

2)  imo: This free texting app has the additional advantage of synchronizing with various other apps, such as  Facebook Chat, Google Talk, Skype, and more. It allows the user to send messages to the contacts of the synchronized app. 

3)  KaKao Talk: Supporting 12 different languages, this app is an exciting alternative that offers various features, including animated emoticons, funny voice filters, and more. 

4)  WeChat: Endorsed by Varun Dhawan and Parineeti Chopra, this Chinese app offers voice messaging services too. 

5)  Pinger: Apart from the regular features, this photo-based interface alerts users when their messages are read. 

6)  textPlus: Apt for Windows, iOS, and Android phones, this app is famous for its community texting and group-messaging features. 

7)  Hike:Developed by BSB (Bharti SoftBank Innovation Pvt. Ltd), this app allows users to turn off their ‘Last Seen’ updates. 

8)  Skype: One of the best video calling app and among the most widely used too, Skype also supports group messaging, exchange of media files, video messages, and more. 

9)  Line: Endorsed by Katrina Kaif, Line is the product of a Japanese company. Users can also use their laptops to operate this app instead of the Smartphone. 

10)  Viber: This app is a tough competitor of Whatsapp. Equipped with a desktop application, it also facilitates users to send their sketches and drawings as images. 

11)  Tango: With in-built games, this app comes with a gamut of other features, including image-sharing, group chatting, voice & video calling, and more. 

12)  Snapchat: This photo messaging app enables users to send pictures, videos, texts, and drawings. The sender sets a time limit after which the ‘snap’ gets deleted from the recipient’s device, as well as the Snapchat servers. 

Though WhatsApp is the most widely used app, but the above-mentioned ones are also not out of the race.

If you ever face any issues with WhatsApp, you can choose any of these 12 apps. Trying out something new is not a bad idea too. You never know, you may get something better than what you are using now!

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