Vegetarian Meat Is Coming Soon, Will You Eat It?

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Animal products – What if I tell you that you can eat as much meat you want, consume as many leather products you love and no animals will be harmed for it?

Obviously you will feel happy that finally you can ask your animal lover friends to rest their cases and let you do what you want because you are no more harming any animal.

But, aren’t you wondering how’s that possible?

No, I am not here to present a magic trick on this notion but a scientific research by Modern Meadows that has now started creating animal products in a laboratory with the help of bio-fabrication. All that the scientists are doing is taking biopsies sample of an animal and then multiplying the cells in their laboratory to create meat and then turning it into the desired product.

Basically, no sin!

The idea behind this Brooklyn based laboratory, Modern Meadow, was to save animals as well as fulfill the wishes of a normal consumer who loves animal products, meat and leather.

The first leather prototype of the company came out in 2013 and was a success.

That is why they started working towards more with the help of expert designers, artisans, scientists, chefs, etc.

In 2015, the company also got its first big funding of $10 million by Li Ka-Shing’s Horizon Ventures.

This great initiative by Modern Meadow is truly one of its kind and once it comes out in the market, it is surely going to be a true hit amongst animal lovers. Though the initiative is good, the production is quite difficult and it takes 1-2 months for producing 1 square feet of leather. Also, the softness of leather will be the same but won’t have the scratches and rough look of the real leather products. This is why experts at Modern Meadow are still working towards the same and the products are yet to be launched in the market for consumers.

So, it’s not just about eating the meat but everything else that consists of animal slaughtering. After knowing that no animals will be killed for a meat, will you consume it finally?

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