Do These 3 Exercises in 30 Minutes, It Will be Helluva Bicep Pump

Exercises that pump biceps

Exercises that pump biceps – The fitness enthusiasts enjoy bicep curl sessions the most in the Gym.

It the legend Arnold Schwarzennegar’s almost derived orgasm from pumping up his biceps to the highest limit. There is one thing that all gym bros tend to do wrong that is curling heavy loads with a lot of momentum thereby causing elbow inflammation and inefficient muscle stimulation. Take for instance, if you train one arm for no-load with maximal muscle contractions and the other arm used for heavy loads, it produces the likely hypertrophy. Also, ‘the stronger you are, the bigger you are’ theory doesn’t apply to the bicep growth.

Here are three techniques that you cover up in 30 minutes will give you maximum pump and growth in your biceps.

Exercises that pump biceps – 

1 – Iso Dynamic Dumbbell Curls:

You should be wise to choose a weight with which you can curl up to 15-20 repetitions. You need to curl the weight up till your forearms with slightly below parallel to the floor. You need to squeeze the dumbbells as hard as you can to create an irritation stimulus and notch up your muscle fibre recruitment. Once holding, perform curls for 8-12 more reps, or until you just give up.

2 – 100 repetition Mixed Grip Curls:

With this technique every muscle fibre in your bicep muscles will be tapped and exhaust you by generating high metabolism. It can be extremely painful, though.

All you need is to pick up an empty barbell. The load should be 0.5-1 in each sides, depends on your capability but an empty rod will do too. Keep your elbows by your side and hold the barbell with wide grip which will help you focus on the short head of the biceps. Perform 50 controlled repetitions starting from here and change to standard shouldered width grip to target both the heads of your bices equally and continue 50 more reps. it is up to your choice if you can perform 10-20 last reps but initial 80 should be performed with devotion.

3 – Blood flow restricted curls:

It is an advanced training protocol for hypertrophy and injury rehab. It is meant to hinder the intravenous blood supply in the limbs and then train against the light moderate resistance. It is knows to produce muscle protein synthesis akin to lifting heavy loads.

It also produces highest amount of metabolic stress. You can try a resistance band or tourniquet (the type that a nurse ties in your hand before collecting the blood sample), just below your shoulders at the starting of the bicep muscles. It should be moderately tight so that you can curl up to 5 reps. Pick a lighter load and perform 20-25 controlled reps. It will be killing you after 15 reps.

These are the Exercises that pump biceps – These exercises pump up your biceps like no other so try these ASAP.

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