5 Exercises To Build Sexy Back For Men

It’s every man’s dream to achieve the broad chest, well-built biceps, chiselled waist line and a sexy back. A good body has much draw with women if not you end up looking like a meat shop. The back is the most significant part of human body where it is imperative to build the muscle mass. A fitness freak will always want a beautifully V shaped body which is visually appealing to infinite extent. The fundamental mistake men do is not to focus on the back in the first place because that is not visible to them in the mirror. But like it is stated above, one must consider building a strong back which creates the most appeal.

Here are some exercises that will help you grow a stronger back.

Wide grip pull-ups:

It is merely considered as a warm-up exercise but by all means it is the strongest mass builder for the back. It stimulates the muscles and helps build a wider back.

Inverted Pull-ups:

It is pretty tough to lift one’s body against the body weight but there are machines that might assist you to do this. If your gym doesn’t have one such machine, use the floor as a support instead.

Rowing one arm dumbbells:

This exercise uniformly builds your lats, rhomboids and traps. This exercise is loved by many as it can be done with heaviest weight pretty easily.

Bent over dumbbell rows:

You can use one arm or both the arms while rowing dumbbells; it will emanate the same results for you but make sure your posture is correct. There are incline benches too to help you with this exercise.

T-Bar row with barbell:

It is an advanced level exercise which is recommended for people who are adept at weight training and of course under professional supervision. It enhances the thickness of the back and requires a strategic machine. On the other hand, it performed with thick barbell too.

Try these exercises in your gym and build the back of your dreams.




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